EUROSOLAR is financed from membership fees and donations only. We would be delighted about your decision to back our work and to become a EUROSOLAR member.

The benefits of being a member you enjoy include: 

  • EUROSOLAR’s expertise in politics, economy and science
  • discounted registration fees to all our events
  • free delivery of our quarterly magazine Solarzeitalter (mostly in German)
  • reduced prices for our publications

EUROSOLAR members include individuals and juridical persons such as political institutions, companies and associations. Members enjoy an influence in the association's work: To ensure fair representation each member is allowed to cast one vote at the annual members' assembly.

Counting among them are numerous parliamentarians (from the European Parliament and regional parliaments alike), scientists, architects, engineers, tradesmen, farmers, teachers as well as citizens, companies and solar associations engaged in and dedicated to the cause of renewable energy expansion, scientific institutes, trade unions, regional and local governments, municipal and county district administrations.

The annual membership fee is

€ 65/year - for personal members
€ 25/year - for personal members without income
supporting membership for individuals: from € 100/year
min. € 130/year for legal entities with less than 100 members/employees
supporting membership for legal entities with less than 100 members/employees: min. € 250/year
min. € 250/year for for legal entities with more than 100 members/employees
supporting membership for for legal entities with more than 100 members/employees: min. € 500/year

Membership fees and donations are deductible for tax. You can use your statement of account as evidence up to an amount of 200 Euro. Of course we will handout a confirmation if requested.

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