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Bruck upon the Leitha / Austria
Project On the way to energy-autarchy

The Austrian municipality of Bruck upon the Leitha, a member of the international Climate Alliance, has been pursuing consistent environmental policies for years with the assistance of the “Association Energy Park Bruck“. The municipality of 7,000 inhabitants had adopted the initial goal of halving its CO2 emissions, which it succeeded in doing in 2005 already, and then beyond that, of becoming energy self-sufficient. Supplying all the energy needs of the entire region through renewable energy supply is also a goal.

One fundamental secret to the success of Bruck is the use of different forms of renewable energy. This diversity is evidenced in different projects of the Association Energy Park Bruck. The wind park in Bruck, a project built with the local citizens’ financial participation, comprises five wind power turbines with a total output of 9 MW and produces one and a half times the municipality’s electrical power consumption. In addition, nearly 40 % of the heat needed by all households in Bruck is generated from renewable sources. This is achieved on the one hand by a biogas CHP plant for electricity and heat production that runs on organic by-products, and on the other hand by a biomass district heating plant that is fired with wood chips.

Sustainable energy supply in Bruck not only reduces environmental impact, but also contributes to regional “value add” and to strengthening local businesses. The investors who are substantially regional players thus not only make a significant contribution towards protecting against climate change, but also to economic success. Due to the residents’ deep involvement, the ambitious energy plan is becoming widely accepted within the municipality.

Congratulations to Bruck upon the Leitha, Winner of the European Solar Prize 2008.

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Bruck an der Leitha
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