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Burgenland / Austria
Burgenland - energy self-sufficient by 2020

Burgenland WindparkThe government of Burgenland together with its Governor Landeshauptmann Hans Niessl intends to expand the renewable electricity production in the region over the next three years with the aim of supplying the federal province’s total demand. It even aims to generate all energy of the state in eastern Austria locally and entirely from renewable sources by 2020. Enhancing the ‘value add’ at the local level is also a goal.

Today, already 50 % of the electricity demand is produced from wind and a further 10 % from biomass. To achieve the ambitious targets some additional 500 MW of wind capacity will be installed and targeted assistance will be given to private households to encourage energy saving measures and decentralized solar energy generation. Moreover, the Energy Agency of Burgenland provides free, objective and unbiased advice on the use of energy-efficient building technologies and promotes electric mobility.

A particularly distinctive approach is that every community is given assistance including involvement of private citizens, with the development and realization of their individual municipal energy plans. In a moderation process the local conditions and potential will be analysed and concrete implementation plans will be drawn up. The cooperation between Burgenland and Hungary to include the border area in a common energy strategy complements to the other initiatives.

The Burgenland region of some 280,000 inhabitants has developed into an ecological model for energy and environmental policies over the past years. It has worked out a precedent-setting role for itself, reaching well beyond Austria.

Burgenländische Landesregierung
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