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Gemeinde Juehnde
Municipality of Jühnde (Germany)
Project Bioenergy village Jühnde
with its 100% energy provision through biomass
Video Municipality of Jühnde (ram)

Many studies have proven that a hundred per cent energy supply from Renewable Energy Sources is possible. But still many people are sceptical. Therefore it is very important that already today examples of properly working energy supply from renewable sources do exist. The bioenergy village Jühnde in northern Germany switched its power supply to Renewable Energies completely.

A bioenergy plant composed of a 700 kW biogas installation and a 550 kW wood chip heating plant provide for electricity and heat. The heat is distributed via a short-distance heating pipeline with an overall length of 5,500 m. The plant is exclusively fuelled with local resources, which in turn is beneficial to the region. The biogas is gained from the liquid manure of 800 cows and 1,400 pigs, grass and other plants. It fuels a block type power station that generates 4,000,000 kWh of electricity annually. In summer the generated heat is sufficient for heating and hot water, in winter the wood chip heating plant joins in. The project was given scientific support by the universities of Göttingen and Kassel and has meanwhile become famous not only throughout Germany, but all over the world. The bioenergy village Jühnde attracts many visitors who experience on-site that a hundred per cent energy supply from Renewable Energy Sources is utopia no longer but a serious alternative with ecological, economical and regional advantages over conventional energy supply systems.