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Winner 1 Gemeinde Mureck
Municipality of Mureck (Austria)
Project Green Energy Region Mureck/Steiermark
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Municipality of MureckSince many years the municipality of Mureck follows a straight energy policy in order to cover the regional energy demand out of Renewable Energy. Because of the region's rural character biomass seemed to be the appropriate mean. Building up the first self-sustaining biomass supply worldwide has made Mureck a role model for an energy autonomous region.

The sustainable energy production process enables the region and its local farmers to produce biodiesel, electricity and heat. The organisational framework for this energy production is SEEG Mureck, Ökostrom Mureck and Nahwärme Mureck. A biodiesel facility, a biomass heat supply station and a biogas facility for green electricity generate together an energy supply of 110 GWh for a total energy demand of 78 GWh. Thus the region exceeds its energy demand of heat, electricity and fuel 160 % on the basis of Renewable Energy. That makes the region not only a self-supporter but also an energy exporter. A comprehensive homepage informs about the further development of this convincing example of a bioenergy region.