PDF icon International Nuclear Power Fact File campaign by EUROSOLAR, IPPNW and WISE, shows how untenable the industry’s prophecies are (August 2004)
html f2 8 posters use concise arguments against nuclear energy www.facts-on-nuclear-energy.info


Renaissance of Nuclear Power?

html f2  Hermann Scheer: Solar or nuclear? Article published in Hermann Scheer: Energy Autonomy. The Economic, Social and Technological Case for Renewable Energy (December 2006)
html f2  Energy Watch Group warns: Depleting uranium reserves dash hopes for atomic energy supply (Press Release, 29 November 2006)
html f2  Hermann Scheer/Jane Taylor: No time to waste for atomic power (March 2006(
html f2  Hermann Scheer: Nuclear Energy Belongs in the Technology Museum. (Die Zeit, 29 July 2004)