Here you can find studies and scenarios for 100% renewables:

html f2 Hermann Scheer: "100 per cent scenarios for energy supply with renewable energy". Overview, published in Hermann Scheer: Energy Autonomy. The Economic, Social and Technological Case for Renewable Energy, December 2006.
html f2 Hermann Scheer: 100 % Renewable Energies. Article published in Scheer, H. / Ghandi, M. / Aitken, D. / Hamakawa, Y. / Palz, W. (Ed.): The Yearbook of Renewable Energies 1995/96: Solar Energy – What are its Driving Forces?, London, 1995
html f2 Hans Schnitzer: Austria: Technical and Economic Fundamentals for an Exclusively Solar-Based Energy System. article published in The Yearbook of Renewable Energies 1995/1996.
PDF icon Harry Lehmann: Energy Rich Japan, October 2003.

...for more scenarios and studies please visit the German EUROSOLAR website.