Events 2005

Solar PrizesDecember 08th, 2005, 18.00 Berlin, KfW Bankengruppe

Since 1994 EUROSOLAR has been awarding the National and the European Solar Prizes to municipalities, companies, individuals using Renewable Energies, and to organizations who rendered outstanding service to the utilization of Renewable Energy. The call for tenders for the European Solar Prizes by the respective national EUROSOLAR sections is running simultaneously in several European countries and the prizes are awarded by EUROSOLAR in cooperation with the KfW Förderbank. The winners of the European Solar Prizes will be chosen among the applicants for the respective national Solar Prizes.

European Solar Prizes 2005 winners 

European Solar Prizes 2005 Award Ceremony (pdf) European Solar Prizes 2005 Award Ceremony (pdf)

Public Panel on the occassion of the World Renewable Energy Assembly (WREA) 2005
Monday, November 28th, 2005, 19.00, Hotel Kanzler, Adenauerallee 148, Bonn


including the 2nd International Parliamentary Forum on Renewable Energies and the 3rd World Renewable Energy Forum, organised by the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) and EUROSOLAR
November 26th - 30th, 2005, Bonn/Germany, Hotel Kanzler

Final communiqué "The human right to Renewable Energy", November 30th, 2005
Press Release " World Renewable Energy Assembly (WREA) 2005 calls for Human Right to Renewable Energy", Dezember 1st, 2005
Conference Proceedings "World Renewable Energy Acceleration: No more time to waste"

organised by the Solar Institute Jülich and Aachen University of Applied Sciences under the patronage of EUROSOLAR
- Summer course for students of all branches of study
- Lectures, presentations, laboratory tests, excursions and projects on Renewable Energies

August 24th - September 9th, 2005, Jülich/Germany, Solar-Institut

"Preserving creation with Renewable Energies", organised by Kath. Landjugendbewegung (KLJB), supported by EUROSOLAR
August 15th - 21st, 2005, Bonn/Germany, Beethovenhalle

- Stage programme, Solar Wood Church, Energy Sports Activities, Energy farm, Solar  Workshops, Radio and Internetworkshops
The primary energy industry turns back primarily - The answer to our crises in fossil energy
February 17th - 18th, 2005, Kunstmuseum, Bonn