The case of energy autonomy: Storing Renewable Energies (ISES I)
1st International Conference "The case of energy autonomy: Storing Renewable Energies" (IRES I)

Organised by EUROSOLAR and the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
Conference chaired by Hermann Scheer and Dirk-Uwe Sauer
October, 30th - 31st, 2006, Gelsenkirchen/Germany

EUROSOLAR and the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) are introducing by “The case of energy autonomy: Storing Renewable Energies”a new international conference series to take place every two years in the future.

As power generation normally does not occur at the same time and place as power consumption each source of energy, irrespective of its renewable or non-renewable nature, requires storage via reservoirs, coal depots, oil- and gas tanks and many others more. Normally the energy storage takes place before the refining and use of the source of energy.

The conference topics are:

  1. State of the art in energy storage technologies and their various applications
  2. Possibilities of integrating Renewable Energies and a hundred per cent RE energy mix
  3. Possibilities of cutting the Renewable Energies costs by energy storage
  4. Need for further research and development activities in energy storage technologies


Chairmen´s Message

Bring together what belongs together

The central reservations against Renewable Energies are that they are not continuously available and that their storage is not possible and too costly. In fact, no modern energy system is thinkable without storage: Storage is always necessary when energy consumption and provision do not take place at the same time. However, the methods and technologies of energy storage are inevitably different for each source of energy. In any case, energy storage is the strategic key element for the general application of a given energy source – and therefore the key to the breakthrough of Renewable Energies.

The World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) and EUROSOLAR invite to the First International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES I), because of the central importance of energy storage for the general dissemination of Renewable Energies. It addresses the different options for overcoming technical and therefore market barriers of single Renewable Energy technologies and, aims to develop the opportunities for the integration of Renewable Energies: “Bring together what belongs together“. With IRES, we embark on a new conference series. In the future, IRES will be held annually.

IRES I informs and gives answers about the

  • state of the art of energy technologies and their applicability for Renewable Energies
  • actual need for storage of the different Renewable Energy sources
  • multitude of existing storage options for Renewable Energies
  • market extension for Renewables through energy storage
  • need for research and development with a view to optimising energy storage
  • ways towards an effective Renewable Energy mix covering all of the different energy demands

The conference is therefore of significant value not only for the development of political strategies, but also for the strategies of Renewable Energy enterprises, especially in terms of product development and market perspectives. And last but not least, the conference will strengthen the confidence of the public and of the politicians that Renewable Energies can really replace atomic and fossil energies.

Dr. Hermann Scheer
Conference Chairman | President EUROSOLAR | General Chairman WCRE 

Message of the Conference Chairman

Where we are with storage technologies...

Beside the general aspects of integrating Renewable Energies into the grid, efficient, reliable and cost-effective storage technology is also a key to allow for an efficient use of decentralised heat and power co-generation and, operation of island grids beyond traditional grid structures. This international conference is dedicated to the topic of energy storage in the context of Renewable Energies for our future power and energy supply systems

For all participants - stakeholders from politics and power industry, scientists and engineers - this conference offers the unique chance to understand and to discuss where and what we need storage systems for and, where we are with the various technologies today. The conference presents a well-balanced programme with overviews on the needs and economic scenarios for the use of storage systems. International experts will present in detail the current status, recent advancements and future prospects of the various technologies for heat storage and electrical energy storage systems. Participants will be amazed about the wide range of available technologies for both, heat and electricity storage, many of them already well proven in commercial applications, some of them on their way to the market.

The conference, organised by EUROSOLAR, initiates and fosters the necessary discussion among those who develop the technology and, those who are responsible in politics and industry that the technology is made use of.

Professor Dirk Uwe Sauer
Scientific Conference Chairman | RWTH Aachen University


  • Dr. Hermann Scheer
  • Professor Dirk Uwe Sauer
  • Dr. Wolfgang Palz,
  • Dr. Eike Schwarz
  • Dr. Ulf Bossel
  • Professor Dr. Jürgen Schmid
  • Angelina Galiteva
  • Irm Pontenagel,
  • Valentin Hollain
  • Johannes Kissel

Conference Programme

Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer Jim McDowall Dr. Hermann Scheer

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Our Partners

Supported by:

ISES (International Solar Energy Society
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
German Energy Agency (dena)

 In cooperation with: Sponsored by
Landesinitiative Zukunftsenergien NRWEnergieagentur NRW Tauber Solar
Landesinitiative Zukunftsenergien NRW and Energieagentur NRW  


  Jalal Baghdadchi
Alfred University
 Dr. Ulf Bossel Dr. Ulf Bossel
European Fuel Cell Forum
Prof. Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Canders Prof. Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Canders
TU Braunschweig, Institut für elektrische Maschinen, Antriebe und Bahnen
  Prof. Antonio Ciolfi
Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, Facoltà di Architettura
  Fritz Crotogino
KBB Underground Technologies GmbH
Jens Holger Dieckmann Dipl.-Ing. Jens Holger Dieckmann
TU Kaiserslautern, Fachgebiet Bauphysik, TGA, Baulicher Brandschutz
Hans-Josef Fell Hans-Josef Fell, MP
Vice President of EUROSOLAR, Spokesman for Energy and Technology of Bündnis '90/Die Grünen in the German Bundestag

Christoph Gatzen

Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirt.- Ing Christoph Gatzen
Energiewirtschaftliches Institut an der Universität Köln

Dr. Joachim Goettsche Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Goettsche
Fachhochschule Aachen, Solar-Institut Jülich
Li Huang Dipl.-Ing. Li Huang
Fraunhofer-Institut für Umwelt-, Sicherheits- und Energietechnik UMSICHT
Sylvain Lemofouet-Gatsi Sylvain Lemofouet-Gatsi
Industrial Electronics Laboratory – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
Dr. Harry Lehmann Dr. Harry Lehmann
Federal Environment Agency UBA, Leiter Fachbereich I - Umweltplanung und Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien, Vice President of EUROSOLAR
Vanessa Grimm Vanessa Grimm
Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie GmbH, Forschungsgruppe „Zukünftige Energie- und Mobilitätsstrukturen“
  Wim van Helden
Heat Storage, ECN Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands
  Dr. Malcolm Jacques
New Energy Options

Bjorn Jonshagen
ZBB Energy Corporation


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jossen
Elektrochemische Akkumulatoren (ECA), Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung (ZSW)


Prof. J. K. Kaldellis
Lab of Soft Energy Applications & Environmental Protection, TEI Piraeus

  Jürgen Kleinwächter
BSR Solar Technologies GmbH, Sunvention GmbH
  Matthew L. Lazarewicz
Beacon Power Corporation
  Jim McDowall
Chairman Electricity Storage Association
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Müller-Steinhagen Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Müller-Steinhagen
Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Thermodynamik und Wärmetechnik (ITW), Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Institut für Technische Thermodynamik
  Marion Perrin
Institut national de l'énergie solaire, INES - RDI (recherche public/privé)
  Dieter Rahner
TU Dresden, Institut für Physikalische Chemie und Elektrochemie
Dr. Rudolf Rechsteiner Dr. Rudolf Rechsteiner MP
Guy Sarre Dr. Guy Sarre
SAFT Batteries
Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dirk Uwe Sauer
Juniorprofessor für "Elektrochemische Energiewandlung und Speichersystemtechnik", RWTH Aachen, Institut für Stromrichtertechnik und elektrische Antriebe
Peter Schossig Peter Schossig
Head of group thermally active materials and solar cooling, Dept. Thermal Systems and Buildings, Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE
Prof. Maria Skyllas-Kazacos Prof. Maria Skyllas-Kazacos
AM Director, Centre for Electrochemical and Minerals Processing, School of Chemical Engineering & Industrial Chemistry, University of New South Wales
Michael E. Reed Michael E. Reed
CEO & President, Electro Energy Inc.
Dr. Hermann Scheer Dr. Hermann Scheer, MdB
President of EUROSOLAR
General Chairman WCRE
Dr. Franziska Scheffler Dr. Franziska Scheffler
Bayerisches Zentrum für Angewandte Energieforschung e.V., Lehrstuhl für Chemische Reaktionstechnik, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Dr. Michael Vandenbergh Dr. Michael Vandenbergh
ISET Kassel
  Dr. Robert Steinberger-Wilckens
PLANET – Planungsgruppe Energie und Technik GbR
Georg Storch Georg Storch
Bayerisches Zentrum für angewandte Energieforschung (ZAE Bayern), Abt. Technik für Energiesysteme und erneuerbare Energien
Dr. Rainer Tamme Dr.rer.nat. Rainer Tamme
Leiter Abteilung Thermische Prozeßtechnik, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft, Institut für Technische Thermodynamik
  Dr.-Ing. Christof Wittwer
Head of Group "Control Devices BSR", Electrical Energy Systems EES, Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE
  Fernand Zanter
Société Electrique de l'Our
Prof. Dr. Dong Zhang Prof. Dr. Dong Zhang
Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Thermodynamik und Wärmetechnik (ITW), Deyan Xiao Tongji University, Shanghai