EUROSOLAR is the European Association for Renewable Energy. In order to reach our aim of a quick, affordable and dezentralized energy supply with 100% renewables, a network of European section is working together.

In 13 European countries EUROSOLAR-sections are working for a successful energy transition in their country. Tying together the best experts in each country, EUROSOLAR keeps an overview of the political barriers in each country, the challenges to the implementation of renewable energy and the opportunities that arise from the national framework conditions.

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For further questions about the sections, for interview partners or experts in national politics, law and/or economics, the head office in Bonn is happy to connect you to the suitable contact person.

(c) KfWLast Monday, on 25 July 2016, the Swiss pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg landed their solar plane SOLAR IMPULS 2 in Abi Dhabi. With this touchdown they finish the first solar flight around the world.

EUROSOLAR congratulates the team on their unprecedented journey. The great potential of solar energy as well as the importance of storage technology for the successful energy transition both on land and in the sky was impressively demonstrated.

Italy.pngConference “New Geothermal Energy for Architecture and the Challenge of Climate Change”
Text written and provided by Francesca Sartogo

The conference “New Geothermal Energy for Architecture and the Challenge of Climate Change” took place on Friday, 24th June in Rome, at the “House of Architecture” (Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47 - Rome). Geothermal energy is a "resource of the heat of the earth", which is ecological, available and widespread in Italy. New technologies allow us to use low and medium enthalpy geothermal energy with small-scale systems that can be integrated in buildings. These new geothermal plants can offer a decisive contribution to the energy revolution linked to urban regeneration, as well as to the response to the recent commitments of Paris COP21 for the mitigation of climate change.