EUROSOLAR is the European Association for Renewable Energy. In order to reach our aim of a quick, affordable and dezentralized energy supply with 100% renewables, a network of European section is working together.

In 13 European countries EUROSOLAR-sections are working for a successful energy transition in their country. Tying together the best experts in each country, EUROSOLAR keeps an overview of the political barriers in each country, the challenges to the implementation of renewable energy and the opportunities that arise from the national framework conditions.

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For further questions about the sections, for interview partners or experts in national politics, law and/or economics, the head office in Bonn is happy to connect you to the suitable contact person.

Austria.pngThe Austrian Solar Prize 2016 is awarded annually to municipalities, municipal enterprises, individuals, engineers, architects, owners of installations and to organizations and journalists for their outstanding concern for renewable energy.

SpainOn Sunday, 19 June 2016, the first stone of the first renewable power plant from and for citizens will be laid down in Barcelona. So far 266 people are participating in the project that involves the installation of a wind turbine of shared ownership among citizens who voluntarily provide the money needed to realize the project.

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On August 22, 1988 Hermann Scheer founded EUROSOLAR together with about a hundred supporters. Today we celebrate the 28th anniversary of the European Association of Renewable Energy and use this opportunity to look back on the main developments of the association.

Just one year after the founding of EUROSOLAR the journal Solarzeitalter was launched. In the quarterly journal current energy policies and the latest findings from science and practice of renewable energy are presented and discussed.

Turkey.pngThe Renewable Energy Association of Turkey (EUROSOLAR Turkey) organizes the annual International 100% Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC). The results of the conference in May 2016 have now been summarized in a conference resolution:

Economy is the determinant parameter for the transition to renewable energy (RE). In 2015 renewable energy investments accounted for more than 50% of the total new installed capacity worldwide. More than USD 250 billion was invested in RE. Even with the fossil fuels subsidies in total USD 500 billion, RE has become mainstream. The conventional power utilities had to transform their business strategy to RE, they’ve realized that they would not be able to survive otherwise. China has become the world leader in RE. Other leading countries like Denmark and Germany are getting reorganised to make the best use of efficient deployment in their countries.

GermanyThe information and congress center "Solarzentrum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" organizes several events throughout the year:

12/13 September 2016
13th International Conference on Alternative Mobility

On its first day the conference will inform about political framework conditions, regional solutions and e-mobility and present various research projects and products related to the topic. On the second day, a rallye with solar vehicles will take place. The quickest vehicles - including solar boats and cars - will be awarded at the end of the event.