This section presents an overview of EUROSOLAR publications and media.

You will find a list of books published by EUROSOLAR and Honorary President of EUROSOLAR Hermann Scheer, EUROSOLAR President Peter Droege and others. It also shows studies published or commissioned by EUROSOLAR.

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You can follow up events organized by EUROSOLAR in the conference proceedings

Moreover, read the memoranda and papers published by EUROSOLAR, as well as articles by the late Hermann Scheer, Peter Droege and other fellow activists at EUROSOLAR, released in newspapers, magazines and other publications.

For EUROSOLAR's and the World Council for Renewable Energy's (WCRE) media information please click: Press Releases.

To view a selection of speeches by Peter Droege, the late Hermann Scheer, WCRE members and others, please follow: Speeches.

Find out what other media are saying about the activities of EUROSOLAR in the media coverage section.