Website ES 25 YearsDocumentation for the anniversary "25 years of EUROSOLAR: From Seizing the Initiative to Being A Pioneer - From Vision to Practice", August 2013, 120 pages, English

2013 marked the 25th year of EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energy. The chronology "25 Years of EUROSOLAR: From Seizing the Initiative to Being A Pioneer – From Vision to Practice" was presented on August 24, 2013 to document and celebrate EUROSOLAR’s initial 25 years.

The book presents how EUROSOLAR was founded, how first activities were initiated and how first goals were achieved by the engagement of EUROSOLAR on different political levels. All activities are presented in the context of energy politics and they show how passionately EUROSOLAR has been fighting for a power supply with 100% renewable energy - and what successes they have had!

A digital version of the documentation is available for download here:
PDF icon EUROSOLAR: 25 Years

The Energy Imperative by Hermann Scheer, Korean TranslationHermann Scheer, published by God's Win Publishers, Inc.,

에너지 명령 - The Energy Imperative

The Korean translation of  Hermann Scheer's 'The Energy Imperative: 100 Percent Now' was released on 12 November 2012.

ISBN: 978-89-92975-79-7 03300

The Energy Imperative by Hermann ScheerHermann Scheer, published by earthscan from Routledge, The Energy Imperative: 100 Percent Renewable Now.

The English translation of Der energethische Imperativ was released in December 2011.

ISBN-13: 978-1849714334

cover (c) Tom Chance, Imperative Energetico di Hermann ScheerHermann Scheer, published by Edizioni Ambiente,100% Rinnovabile Ora! Come realizzare la completa riconversione del nostro sistema energetico

Since 19 October 2011 also available in Italian: Hermann Scheer's last book in which he shows us his vision for a world 100% powered by renewable energy and why the time to make this move is now.

ISBN 978-88-6627-014-0

fotografia_de_la_cubierta_cedida_por_solarweb_Mar_de_Luz de_Jesús_Zayas: Hermann_Scheer_El_imperativo_energetico_Hermann Scheer, published by Icaria editorial, Antrazyt 353, 100% ya: Cómo hacer realidad el cambio integral hacia las energías renovables

The Spanish edition of Hermann Scheer's last book "Der Energethische Imperativ" is now available. It was released on 27 September 2011.

ISBN: 978-84-9888-354-1

Hermann Scheer: Der Energethische Imperativ. 100 % jetzt: Wie der vollständige Wechsel zu erneuerbaren Energien zu realisieren ist.Hermann Scheer’s "Der Energethische Imperativ", subtitled 100 % now: How the complete switch to renewable energies can be realized" is now available from bookshops.

It is the fourth of his path-breaking visionary books, following "A Solar Manifesto" (1993), "The Solar Economy" (1999) and "Energy Autonomy" (2005).

renewable_city.jpgAuthor: Peter Droege, published by John Wiley & Sons
The Renewable City: A comprensive Guide to an Urban Revolution

This is an original guide to an entirely unprecedented urban transformation, to cities and towns powered by renewable energy. Squarely focused on action, it supports design, planning and management decisions and serves as a practical guide to practitioners, academics and political leaders in communities and cities worldwide, as a useful and well-structured reference text. It is built on the most successful of past and present urban sustainability trends and emerging infrastructure directions, presenting renewable energy applications as offering new and inevitable approaches to urban infrastructure planning and the design of cities.