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379237 1 3294843Since this week Liechtenstein may officially call itself a Solar World Champion. Brigitte Schmidt, Preben Maegaard, Wolfgang Hein and Hans-Josef Fell from the Solar Super State Association awarded the country with the Solar Super State Prize in its capital Vaduz on 29 June 2015. With 481 watts of installed PV capacity per head, the country with only 36,000 inhabitants has passed Germany (473 Watt) in the rankings. Italy, Belgium and the Vatican City are positioned on the following ranks.

Hermann ScheerInterview by Franz Alt with Dr. Hermann Scheer on the long way to IRENA. Published in, June 22, 2009.

Franz Alt:
What has been your motivation to launch the idea to establish an International Renewable Energy Agency?

Hermann Scheer:
My initiative was motivated by the paradox of the existing gigantic potential of renewable energy on the one hand and its complete underestimation on the global, regional and national level on the other. Renewables are undervalued in spite of their fundamental benefits: the fact that they are inexhaustible, that they can be produced without CO2 emissions and that they can create energy autonomy everywhere. Conventional energy experts from the scientific, economic and therefore also from the political sphere collectively underestimated renewable energy. Faced with the dangers that the nuclear and fossil energy supply present to our natural environment together with the increasing dependence of a growing number of countries on limited reserves of oil, gas, coal and uranium, this dualism of gigantic potential and complete underestimation appeared to be life threatening to our global civilisation – from an ecologic as well as an economic point of view.

Peter Droege Brief aus RomRenewable Energies are a human responsibility
Presented by Peter Droege

The construction and commissioning of the solar roof on the Pius IV-reception hall on 26 November 2008 was inspired by EUROSOLAR and Hermann Scheer and financed by SolarWorld. In November 2014, a delegation with representatives from EUROSOLAR and WCRE attended the General Papal Audience and submitted a petition to Pope Francis to embrace a 100 % Renewable Church. This act reflected a beginning attitude by the Vatican towards acknowledging the need to act against climate change and to move towards the use of renewable energy. Since then there has been no clearer position from Rome than the now published encyclical letter ‚Laudatio Si’ – On Care for our Common Home, published on 24 May 2015. The letter identifies the use of fossil fuels as a fundamental problem and presents an entire series of important statements about the need to rapidly and broadly move to renewable energy. No word is wasted on nuclear energy.

The following summarizes the key ‚renewable’ points of the encyclical letter:

Article published in TIME magazine, September 2nd, 2002

Heroes: Hermann Scheer

Members of the German parliament don't usually create much of a stir outside Europe. But Hermann Scheer electrified a Washington audience last month with his gale-force enthusiasm. Nuclear fission I and fossil-fuel burning amount to "global pyromania," he told a conference of environmental activists. "Renewable energy is the fire extinguisher." By mid-century, he asserted confidently, wind, solar and other renewables can snuff out all conventional energy sources.

EUFORESEUFORES Press Release, April 7th, 2005

Mechtild Rothe, Member of the European Parliament and President of EUFORES, welcomed yesterday evening Dr. Hermann Scheer, Winner of the Alternative Nobel Price, Member of the German Parliament and President of EUROSOLAR, to the European Parliament as guest speaker on “The future of renewable energy policies”.

Article by Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, December, 2005 

More than 1000 participants made the Third World Wind Energy Conference in Beijing one of the largest wind energy events ever and the largest one held outside Europe and North America. Ministers, representatives of governments and international organisations, entrepreneurs, scientists, and further leading wind energy experts from 50 countries coming from all continents have gathered together to discuss in more than 100 presentations all aspects of wind energy utilisation. 80 exhibitors covering 4500 sqm of exhibition space expressed highly satisfaction with a big number of new and promising business contacts as well as signing of several agreements on cooperation.

Article World Wind Energy Conference 2004 (pdf) Article World Wind Energy Conference 2004 (pdf)