IRENA Logo 690IRENA is an international Organization based in Abu Dhabi commissioned with the global promotion of renewable energies.

For 20 years, EUROSOLAR contributed significantly to the establishment of IRENA.

The creation of the International Renewable Energy Agency has been a long and winding road that stretches from the beginning of the 1990 to 2009. Hermann Scheer, then President of EUROSOLAR and the World Council on Renewable Energies (WCRE) can be considered a driving force in the establishment of the world organization. In 1990 he proposed his initial memorandum for the establishment of an International Solar Energy Agency ISEA in Bonn, which reached audiences beyond Germany and was echoed by expressions of support from all over the world. By 1991, Willy Brand, Al Gore, Gro Harlem Bruntland and Pérez de Cuéllar recommended the swift establishment of an international organization for renewable energies.

2002 the IRENA initiative was included in the coalition agreement of the Red-Green government for the first time. However in the following years, progress was slow and the renewable energy agenda was overshadowed by the Iraq war. After the bilateral talks were resumed, IRENA was finally founded in Bonn on January 26th, 2009. 125 delegations from 75 states were present to sign the statute and to hold the first IRENA meeting only one day after the founding conference. For a detailed documentation of the history of IRENA, You can find the chronology “The long road to IRENA” here.

Today IRENA is made up of 143 permanent member states and 30 States in accession. Because of its inclusive and independent character, it has become a central contact for renewable energies, bringing together governments, regional and inter-governmental organizations, initiatives and the private sector. For its central task of promoting the expansion of renewable energies, IRENA serves as a forum for exchange of best policy practices and financial strategies. Furthermore IRENA facilitates the pooling of scientific research, data and statistics and new technologies. IRENA also publishes reviews, memos and reports, as well as processed data like the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy and the REsource Database. The IRENA website contains detailed information on its activities. It also exposes the Statute and the current work program.