Press Releases 2016

Eurosolar enPress Release, Bonn/Barcelona, 8th November 2016

The energy transition to 100% renewable energy is a key element of the EU-policy process. By keeping its sovereignty, all member states must act together and learn from each other to achieve the energy transition to 100% renewables. The implementation of a common political framework for a ‘Renewable Energy Union’ has to focus on the different national, regional and local needs and must aim at ambitious renewable energy targets. Currently, the European Commission strangles the efforts of the individual states instead of allowing its members to choose its own market rules for the implementation and trade of renewable energy.

Eurosolar enPress Release, Bonn, 12 April 2016

For the successful transformation of the energy system to renewable energies, pioneers and leaders from all parts of the society are needed. The European Solar Prize is awarded to put these actors in the focus of public awareness and to give fresh impetus to a renewable energy-based and decentralized energy turnaround.

Eurosolar enPress Release, Bonn, 16 February 2016

EUROSOLAR recognizes important and innovative achievements in promoting widespread use of renewable energy through the annual European Solar Prize, now for the twenty-third time. The Solar Prize is one of the oldest and most prestigious renewable energy awards. Applications and nominations are accepted until 31 May 2016. The recipients will be celebrated at a festive gathering at the end of the year.

IRESESE Energy Storage Europe 2016: 50 per cent increase in exhibitors

Specialist trade fair brings together battery storage, Power2Gas, thermal and mechanical storage as well as relevant research topics and services

Some 140 exhibitors will be present at the Energy Storage Europe 2016 specialist trade fair this year. This corresponds to an increase of around 50 per cent in comparison with the previous year. The range of products, technologies and research topics on display covers battery storage, thermal and mechanical storage and Power2Gas.

eurosolar logo en120Press release - Düsseldorf, 17 March 2016

The 10th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2016) by EUROSOLAR and the Energy Storage Europe 2016 (ESE) trade fair and conference end today with the adoption of the “Düsseldorf Statement”. The statement focuses on the requirements for national and regional policy to continue the energy revolution and storage expansion required for this. More than 3,000 visitors from 54 countries attended this year’s trade fair. Over 650 experts gathered information at the conferences with economic and scientific focal points.

Eurosolar enPress Release, Bonn, 13 January 2016

Storage technologies for renewable energies are a trending topic: only with smart technology the energy transition for a cleaner world can be accomplished. From 15-17 March 2016 the 10th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) and Energy Storage Europe (conference + expo) organize the biggest meeting of researchers, storage experts, operators, consultants and interested participants. The conference with the two thematic focuses on “Research and Policy” (IRES) and “Business and Finance” (ESE) offers a broad conference program that will inform each conference participant about their specific scientific interest.

IRESESE The storage pioneer reports on his experiences and concepts at the Energy Storage Europe conference

In the opinion of Younicos’ founder Clemens Triebel, the best role models of the energy revolution are islands that are successfully converting their power supply from diesel generators to renewable energies. “If a high percentage of solar and wind energy is our aim, we have to support the development of renewables with sufficient storage capacity from the start,” says Triebel. According to him, the current system on the other hand discriminates against energy storage in favour of conventional power plants.