Development cooperation on the Caribbean island

When EUROSOLAR in association with MINED, the Cuban ministry of education, embarked on the project “Solar power for schools in Cuba” in 1993, the requirements were demanding and the expectations of each other high. To keep the boarding schools in the countryside alive as part of Cuba’s education system was the first of the major goals which could be achieved: efficient stoves made of cheap available materials are the environmentally sound solution to the cooking problem for these schools to this day.

Another important part of our project was to raise awareness of energy use among the decision-makers in the ministry. This included the switch to energy saving light bulbs and the introduction of literature on efficient energy consumption. The fact that energy saving light bulbs are in use everywhere in Cuba now and students have their own modern school books dedicated to the subject of saving energy proves EUROSOLAR’s work a success. Several technologies for renewable energy use were tested in schools and the students helped themselves to install them.

After fifteen years of successful work and many interesting projects carried through EUROSOLAR will no longer engage actively in the Cuban projects. At the same time we are very happy that Cubasolar, an organisation founded in Cuba based on the idea from EUROSOLAR in 1994, competently takes on renewable energy projects and whose work we will gladly continue to support. If you are interested in information about Cubasolar, please visit

We express our sincere thanks to all donors for their generosity. Without their support the projects in Cuba could not have been realized.

Read more in our German brochure "Sonnenenergie für die Schulen Cubas" (pdf)

Electrification and hot water generation with Renewable Energies in a tourist station

PV at the Lake BaikalThanks to the financial support of EUROSOLAR and VRD Energy Foundation, engineer Ulf-Dietrich Kautz was able to fight for Renewable Energies in co-operation with a Solar Energy Institute in Ulan Ude/Russia during one year. Aspects of photovoltaic energy were taught to local academy students and a research centre for Renewable Energies with test laboratory was installed. The project was crowned with the equipment of a tourist station near the Lake Baikal with PV, solar thermal and wind energy units.

Read more about the project in our German language brochure "Solarenergienutzung am Baikalsee"