European Solar Prize 2008

The European Solar Prize Award 2014 is now closed for entries. We want to thank all applicants for their proposals. Within the following weeks we will review the applications and introduce them to our selected panel of judges.

European Solar Prize 2014 open for entries
EUROSOLAR announces European Solar Prize 2014

EUROSOLAR will award the European Solar Prize once again in 2014. Established in 1994, the Solar Prize has since been handed out to towns and municipalities, community businesses, associations or organizations, architects, journalists and individuals for their extraordinary accomplishments and significant contributions to the use and expansion of renewable energy. For the twenty-first time this year, the European Solar Prize will recognize outstanding commitment to renewable energy. The Solar Prize is given to make pioneers and leaders the focus of public attention and to give fresh impetus to a renewable energy-based and decentralized energy turnaround. It honors outstanding and innovative projects and initiatives from all parts of society. The recipients will be celebrated at a festive gathering.