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The European Solar Prize 2010 was awarded in cooperation with the KfW Bankengruppe. This year's winners came from Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The award ceremony took place at the Berlin branch of KfW Bankengruppe on 10 December at 18:00. The laudation was delivered by Hanne May, editor-in-chief of the new energy and neue energie magazines. Dr Axel Nawrath, Member of the KfW Managing Board, and Dr Wolfgang Palz, Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy, both gave an address of welcome.

Created by EUROSOLAR in 1994, the European Solar Prize - an idea of Hermann Scheer the founder of EUROSOLAR - has since been given for exemplary projects and initiatives in the field of renewable energy use. It recognizes outstanding achievements,  creativity and innovation in renewable energy applications. By giving the awards it is intended to spark and strengthen the public interest in renewable energy.

EUROSOLAR congratulates all winners of the 2010 European Solar Prize.

You find a brochure with all laureates here.

Towns/municipalities, council districts, public utilities
(3 winners)
(C) KfW
City of Munich / Germany
Project     Renewable energies expansion campaign
Appreciation Appreciation City of Munich
(c) KfW
Region of Puglia / Italy
Project Renewable energy policy
Appreciation Appreciation Region of Puglia
(c) KfW
Burgenland / Austria
Project     Burgenland - energy self-sufficient by 2020
Appreciation Appreciation Burgenland


Industrial and commercial companies or farmers
(c) KfW
Banca della Maremma Credito Cooperativo di Grosseto / Italy
Project     Financing decentralized energy generation
Appreciation Appreciation Banca della Maremma Credito Cooperativo di Grosseto



Owners or operators of renewable energy installations
(c) KfW
Zermatt Bergbahnen AG / Switzerland
Project     Exemplary environmental commitment in mountainous regions
Appreciation Appreciation Zermatt Bergbahnen AG




(2 winners)
(c) KfW
Solarserver / Germany
Project     Global online portal to solar power
Appreciation Appreciation Solarserver
(c) KfW
Energías Renovables / Spain
Project     Print and online magazine offering exemplary reporting
Appreciation Appreciation Energías Renovables



Transport and mobility

(c) KfWSOLAR IMPULSE SA / Switzerland
Project     Around the world in a solar airplane
Appreciation Appreciation SOLAR IMPULSE SA





Special achievement prize for individual commitment
(c) KfW
Prof. Thomas B. Johansson / Sweden
Project     Commitment to renewable energy as a key to securing sustainable development
Appreciation Appreciation Prof. Thomas B. Johansson