EUROSOLAR rejects the inclusion of nuclear and natural gas activities in the EU taxonomy for sustainable finance

Should these technologies be accepted as sustainable investments in the EU Taxonomy, they would be eligible for very favorable financing terms. This would be yet another massive obstacle in the efforts to bring about a transition to renewable energies and lessen the likelihood of the catastrophic consequences of abrupt global heating, in Europe and around the globe. The real Green Deal demands clear exit paths from all fossil fuels and nuclear power. Read more here.

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European Solar Prize 2021/22: broadcast from Amsterdam!

EUROSOLAR and EUROSOLAR Netherlands awarded the European Solar Prize 2021/2022 on December 2, 2021 to individuals and institutions who have made outstanding contributions of Europe-wide significance in the transition to decentralised renewable energy supply.

The recording of the award ceremony is available here!

Regenerative Earth Decade: 100% Renewables are only the beginning

EUROSOLAR has set up a 10-point plan on how the Renewable Decade with 100% renewable energies can succeed. In this plan, EUROSOLAR calls for a tightening of the European Green Deal, climate neutrality towards 100% renewables, carbon sequestration agriculture, afforestation with drought-resistant forests and the rededication of the European circular economy directives to economy-wide carbon sequestration regulations. The goal must be a climate-positive, emissions-negative Europe by 2030.

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