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30 years of EUROSOLAR - European symposium and parlamentarian evening: A Europe of Renewable Energies

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European symposium and parlamentarian evening: A Europe of Renewable Energies

In order to end the dependence on fossil and nuclear energies in Europe quickly and cost-effectively, comprehensive efforts and appropriate framework conditions are required. A New Energy Market Framework Regulation can enable European countries to move into the solar age and strengthen cohesion in Europe. On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we are discussing the future role of Europe, its regions and citizens in the realisation of this task of the century. You can expect concrete impulses, joint discussions, a parliamentary forum and a varied supporting programme.

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Invitation to the 30th anniversary of EUROSOLAR

30 years ago, on August 22, 1988, the European Association for Renewable Energy EUROSOLAR e.V. was founded on the initiative of Hermann Scheer. On this occasion we would like to look back together with our friends and partners on the milestones that the association has achieved since its foundation for the development and expansion of a renewable energy supply. For three decades, EUROSOLAR has been actively supporting the energy transition and provides important impulses for politics and the public, both through strong public relations work, political initiatives and relevant conferences and events. Always with the goal of achieving an energy supply with 100 % renewables in mind.

Through conference events, symposia and solar award ceremonies, political campaigns, statements and recommendations for action in 2017, EUROSOLAR will continue to provide impetus for a forward-looking energy policy and for the formation of public opinion and will continue to be a necessary and important player in the energy transition.

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