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Since its foundation in the late 1980s, EUROSOLAR has contributed significantly to the development of a renewable energy supply. In the past, the organization created an impact through active public relations, relevant conferences and events, as well as through political initiatives.

The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)

EUROSOLAR was actively involved in the preparation of the EEG in 2001 and has also actively supported the development of the predecessor programs for the introduction of solar technology. The EEG has been one of the most successful laws of the Federal Republic and has been adapted in many countries around the world. The three main pillars of the EEG enabled the market entry and cost reduction of renewable energies. Due to a guaranteed priority feed-in, a cost-covering remuneration of the fed electricity volumes and a purchase guarantee of more than 20 years, the law triggered the required willingness to invest in and implement decentralized plants. It thus enables citizens, local authorities, cooperatives and companies to become energy providers themselves. In the meantime, different government coalitions have converted the EEG to decelerate the energy transition based on questionable arguments. EUROSOLAR is therefore committed to a fundamental reform of the law and the creation of a new energy market regulation

Founded on the initiative and with the commitment of EUROSOLAR and other organizations:

Grüner Strom Label e.V.

“Grüner Strom Label e.V.” (GSL) was founded in 1998 by non-profit environmental and consumer associations as well as peace organizations. The association certifies green energy products and awards two quality labels for this purpose: the green energy label for green electricity with added value and the green gas label for environmentally friendly biogas. By awarding the two labels, the association intends to promote an ecological energy supply and create more credibility and transparency on the energy market. In Germany, the labels of the GSL are the only quality seals for green electricity and biogas, which are supported by leading environmental associations.

For further information, please visit the GSL website: http://www.gruenerstromlabel.de/


World Council for Renewable Energies - WCRE (2001)

The "World Council for Renewable Energies" is a non-profit organization committed to renewable energies on a global scale. The WCRE has defined the following objectives:

  • Communicate the acute global need for renewable energies and their availability
  • Analyze the international barriers to the use of renewable energies and present concrete solutions proposals
  • Document renewable energy initiatives and spread success stories worldwide

For further information, please visit the WCRE website: http://www.wcre.de/

The Long Road to IRENA (2009)

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, a centre of excellence, and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy. IRENA promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, including bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, solar and wind energy in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity.

It was a long and arduous road to the creation of IRENA, starting with the first draft in January 1990 until the foundation of the organization in January 2009. EUROSOLAR was the first and for many years the only organization to campaign for IRENA until it was joined by the newly established World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) in 2001. At EUROSOLAR, we are proud that our campaign has led to such a great success! In the 19 years until the foundation, it was essential to push the idea repeatedly forward and to win a growing number of supporters worldwide.

For a detailed documentation on the development of IRENA, please click here.

New EUROSOLAR sections

EUROSOLAR sees itself as a European organization. From the beginning, relationships with other countries are established to stimulate and support the foundation of further national sections. In 1989, sections were established in Italy and Austria. At the end of 2016, national EUROSOLAR sections worked in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary. Through its extensive network, EUROSOLAR’s objectives are presented at European and global conferences on solar energy.

You can get an overview of all the sections here.



Since 1989, EUROSOLAR has published the magazine "Solarzeitalter", which is considered the most important political, cultural, and economic publication for renewable energies. It covers the political and economic strategy discussion for renewable energies, the critical examination of conventional energy concepts, and the status of the political development for renewable energies.

Take a look at a selection of Solarzeitalter articles!

German and European Solar Prize Award Ceremonies

The German Solar Prize has been awarded annually by EUROSOLAR to municipalities, private companies, associations, organizations and cooperatives, architects, journalists and private persons, who have made a positive contribution to the use of renewable energies.

Since 1994, the EUROSOLAR European Solar Prize has been awarded annually to municipalities, municipal enterprises, associations and organizations, architects, journalists and private persons in cooperation with the national sections of EUROSOLAR. With the award ceremony, innovative models and dedicated pioneers are being recognized and new impulses for a regenerative and decentralized energy transition in Europe are presented.

Find more information on the German Solar Prize here.

Conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, and studies

EUROSOLAR has the intention to stimulate the development of renewable energies and provide and deepen the necessary expertise to advance their use. To this end, EUROSOLAR carries out a variety of conferences, symposia, seminars, and workshops at various levels and on current topics. In addition, political impulses are developed, which are introduced into legislative initiatives. EUROSOLAR organizes numerous impulse conferences and representative event series, e.g.:

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