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  • IRES2019
    13th International
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    12 - 14 March, Düsseldorf

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    IRENEC 2019
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Independent. Critical. Non-profit.

EUROSOLAR works for the rapid and complete removal of nuclear and fossil energies through renewable energies. Support our voice for a dynamic and decentralized energy supply with your membership.

Anniversary celebrations 25 years of EUROSOLAR
24 August 2013, Bonn

2013 marks the 25th year of EUROSOLAR. Members are invited to join in celebrating at the EUROSOLAR Secretariat in Bonn on August 24, 2013.

EUROSOLAR was set up in 1988 to work independently of political parties, institutions, and companies in pursuit of a vision: substituting fossil fuels and nuclear energy systems with a sustainable, peaceful and renewable energy-based supply, founded on decentralized local resources close to the citizens.

 In his speech at the founding conference on 22 August 1988, Hermann Scheer Founder and Honorary President of EUROSOLAR (1944–2010), stressed: "Anyone who has his eyes wide open about all conventional energy supply sources must see that humanity has no choice but to pursue the introduction of renewable solar energy as quickly and widely as possible". To realize his visionary goals he founded EUROSOLAR, supported by a group of like-minded citizens, scientists and politicians who shared his concerns, a quarter century ago.

After more than two decades of commitment EUROSOLAR has achieved successes for renewable sources of energy in all areas and at all levels. The not-for-profit has influenced energy and environmental policy and has inspired the creation of a social and cultural movement for renewable energy.



Prof. Peter Droege, President EUROSOLAR
Bärbel Dieckmann, former Mayor of Bonn 1994 – 2009

Founding members and their views of 25 years of EUROSOLAR

14:45 Break with Sparkling Wine

15:00 Representatives of EUROSOLAR's international sections, the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) and EUROSOLAR's Board of Trustees

Preben Maegaard, Vice President EUROSOLAR
Dr. Harry Lehmann, Federal Environment Agency (UBA) Executive Chairman World Council Renewable Energy (WCRE)
Dr. Axel Berg, President EUROSOLAR Germany
Dr. Luciana Castellina, Co-founder EUROSOLAR Italy
MR. DI Wolfgang Hein, Vice President EUROSOLAR
Dr. Josep Puig, Chair EUROSOLAR Board of Trustees

16:00 Break – Coffee and Cakes –

16:15 Supporters in the German Bundestag and European Parliament

Marco Bülow, Chair EUROSOLAR parliamentary group
Jo Leinen, MEP, Mechtild Rothe, MEP retired
Hans-Josef Fell, MdB
Ulrich Kelber, MdB Bonn

17:00 Attorney and Author Supporters

Dr. Peter Becker, Journal for New Energy Law (ZNER)
Dr. Franz Alt, Press Supporter

A Chronology of EUROSOLAR's 25 years
Irm Scheer-Pontenagel, Managing Director EUROSOLAR

Drinks and Buffet Dinner

End of the Program


12.-14. March 2019


International Renewable Energy Storage Conference + Energy Storage Europe at Messe Düsseldorf

15 – 16 May 2019

13th Public Utilities Conference

13th Public Utilities Conference, Magdeburg, Germany

15 November 2019

European Solar Prize 2019

European Solar Prize, Luxemburg

16 November 2019

EEUROSOLAR Delegates Assembly

EUROSOLAR Delegates Assembly, Bonn


  • Resolution: "The time for the rapid and full renewable energy transition is now"

    ES Resolution2017 web

    On the first Saturday in May, the EUROSOLAR Delegates’ Assembly met in the EUROSOLAR head office in Bonn and passed their determined resolution on the future of energy. More than 30 delegates from ten countries got together to discuss the obstacles and opportunities of the fast and full renewable energy transition.

    Resolution "The time for the rapid and full renewable energy transition is now" (pdf)

    Read more

  • Campaign "No Stop of the Energy Transition!"

    EUROSOLAR Germany published the Campaign "Kein Stopp der Energiewende!" (No Stop of the Energy Transition) in March/April 2016. Thanks to the generous support of the members, the campaign was published in nationwide newspapers in the middle of April. Further information as well as the text in German can be found on the EUROSOLAR-website in German.

    The energy transition meets the desire of the majority of our society, secures the future of our innovative economy and creates hundreds of thousands of new jobs. By means of clever public communication on the so-called energy demand, the impression prevails; the renewables are expanded too quickly. In the shadow of this false perception, the Grand Coalition is planning a radical change in their energy policy. Although nearly 90% of the energy demand in Germany (electricity, heat, fuels) is covered by fossil-nuclear energy sources, the expansion of renewable energies, which has been drastically reduced in recent years, is to be frozen at a low level. Even with the deformation of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in 2014, the addition of solar and biogas plants has dramatically collapsed. If the planned EEG 2016 now also drastically reduces the amount of wind power on land, the energy turnaround is finally stalled.

    Read more

  • Response to Consultation on Community Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection

    EUROSOLAR and the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) presented eight essential requirements for the guidelines on support instruments for environmental protection, released for consultation by the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission.

    Read more

  • New Energy Market Order (NEMO)

    For two decades the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has kept the world drifting in a fog of fatal illusions, led by notoriously diluted, politically contaminated and tactically delayed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. The two-degree temperature increase over pre-industrial levels and associated 450 ppm atmospheric CO2 concentration targets promoted at UNFCCC negotiations are scientifically proven to be dangerously high and risk a permanently destabilized climate regime.

    Read more

Renewables Worldwide

World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)


World Council for Renewable Energy

The independent World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) was founded to consider and deal amongst others with the increasing global energy demand, the comprehensive impacts, climate hazards, burdens to the environment, risk of accidents, conflicts around exhausting resources and focus new investments on Renewable Energy and energy efficiency.

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