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Application period concluded

On 15 June this year's application period for the European Solar Prize 2017 has come to its end. The great interest and the high participation are extremely welcome. This year, a large number of exciting projects, organizations and persons have again applied for the European Solar Prize. We would like to thank all the participants for their commitment.

In the next days, the applications will be reviewed and submitted to the jury for evaluation. At the end of July, the jurors will nominate the award winners during a jury session. All applicants will be informed about the results in August.

The winners of the European Solar Prize 2017 will be honored in Vienna on 18 November 2017 as part of a ceremonial award ceremony. We would like to invite you to this event. The invitation to the award ceremony will soon be published on our homepage and in our newsletter.


Members of the jury:

  • Prof. Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR, Architecture and urban planning
  • Dr. Axel Berg, Chairman of EUROSOLAR Germany, Energy law
  • Gallus Cadonau, Solar Agency Switzerland, Solar architecture
  • Stephan Grüger, MdL, Vice president of EUROSOLAR, Energy policy
  • Wolfgang Hein, Vice president of EUROSOLAR, Economical co-operation and development
  • Rosa Hemmers, Tresurer of EUROSOLAR, Participation and acceptance
  • Andre Langwost, EUROSOLAR France, Participation and financing
  • Morten V. Petersen, EUROSOLAR Denmark, Small wind strategies
  • Prof. Livio Sacchi, Faculty of Architecture of Pescara, Architecture and urban planning
  • Prof. Jürgen Sachau, University of Luxembourg, Power systems and control engineering

Scientific advisors:
Prof. Eliana Cangelli, Vice president of EUROSOLAR, Dr. Torsten Masseck, UPC-Barcelona, Judit Ronai, EUROSOLAR Hungary, Milan Smrz, Vice president of EUROSOLAR, Prof. Tanay Sidki Uyar, Vice president of EUROSOLAR


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