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The European Solar Prize 2020

We are no longer accepting applications for the European Solar Prize 2020.


Applications are open for individuals as well as groups, communities and other corporate entities. You can submit your application in one of the following categories:

a) Towns/municipalities, council districts, public utilities

Towns, municipalities, council districts, public utilities with projects for the use of renewable energies in their administrative area. The solar prize is awarded for convincing and holistic measures/strategies in the field of renewable urban planning and energy supply.

b) Solar architecture and urban planning

Architectural and planning offices, housing associations, cities and other institutions that develop innovative concepts for the use of renewable energies in individual buildings or energy utilisation concepts for entire districts. The constructural aspect is in the foreground here.

c) Industrial and commercial companies or farmers

Industrial companies, companies, cooperatives and agricultural enterprises that contribute to the market integration of renewable energies through their business models or cover their own energy requirements through innovative regenerative utilisation concepts.

d) Local or regional associations/organizations

Associations and communities with a local or regional focus that promote the citizen-oriented and participatory use and dissemination of renewable energies in the region.

e) Owners or operators of renewable energy installations

Decentral renewable energy plants that supply private buildings, industrial companies, educational institutions or feeding electricity into the grid. PV ground-mounted systems and small wind farms included.

f) Transport and mobility

Vehicles and transport systems equipped with alternative and climate-friendly drives, as well as sustainable and integrated mobility concepts in the field of public transport and individual transport (e.g. car sharing concepts, e-charging infrastructures).

g) Media

Journalists, publicists, agencies and filmmakers who focus on renewable energies through media channels such as television, radio, online or print media.

h) Education and vocational training

Institutions, initiatives and persons offering training and further education in the field of renewable energies and educating people in this respect.

i) One world cooperation

Projects, initiatives and organisations in the field of development cooperation that make a sustainable and holistic contribution with the help of renewable energies.

j) Special achievement prize for individual commitment

Longterm and outstanding personal commitment for the use and extension of renewable energy. In this category proposals for individuals are very welcome.

Applications must be submitted in English and include the applicant's contact details, the category chosen and a summary containing the main information about the project. Additional information can be uploaded in a file of max. 10 MB. Please note that projects need to be completed or sufficiently advanced to provide first results to be eligible for the award. The Solar Prize is not awarded to products, books, single studies or inventions.

Please refer to the following evaluation criteria in your application:

  • Degree of innovation: How does the project differ from existing standard solutions in terms of creativity and originality?
  • Exemplary character: How easily can the idea be transferred and applied by others? Does it encourage imitation?
  • Commitment: To what extent did obstacles and resistance have to be overcome? How much commitment and willpower is behind it?
  • Public effectiveness: Can the project or initiative be well presented in the media? How many people can be reached?
  • Quality of application documents: Are the documents conclusive and plausible? Has reference to the evaluation criteria been taken?

All entries will be submitted to a qualified jury. Participation is free of charge.

For further information on how to apply please read the application-guidelines.


Members of the jury

Claus P. Baumeister, Board of Trustees, EUROSOLAR e.V.
Dr. Axel Berg, Chair, EUROSOLAR Section Germany
Gallus Cadonau, President, Solar Agency, Switzerland
Prof. Cangelli, University of Rome, President EUROSOLAR, Italy
Prof. Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR, Liechtenstein, Jury Chair
Nikos Fintikakis, International Union of Architects UIA Vice Président RII, President ARES, Greece
Johannes Hegger, Hegger Hegger Schleiff Architects, Germany
Wolfgang Hein, President, EUROSOLAR, Austria
Louise Holloway, Entrepreneur, Director of the Energy Endeavour Foundation
Andre Langwost, Secretary General of the European Solar Manufacturing Council
Dr. Panos Mantziaras, Director EcoCentury Project and Fondation Braillard Geneve, Switzerland
Prof. Antonio R. Riverso, International Academy of Architecture, Italy
Prof. Jürgen Sachau, University of Luxembourgr. Josep Puig, Präsident der EUROSOLAR Catalonia Group und Spain Section




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