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Jury Meeting for the European Solar Prize 2018 on 20th July at EUROSOLAR-head office in Bonn

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On Friday, the jury of the European Prize came together in the EUROSOLAR head office in Bonn. After the intense discussion, the winners have now been firmly established.

At the end of the session, Professor Peter Droege, president of EUROSOLAR, was very satisfied: "The duration of our deliberation today shows the high level of this year's applications. The ambition, creativity, and commitment of the candidates are more than impressive. It’s gratifying to see that despite all the political and economic discrepancies, the commitment to the energy transition all over Europe remains unbroken."

Like every year, it was a challenge for the judges to agree on the winners, given the quantity and quality of the applications. Among the candidates there were a large number of outstanding contributions, which made the decision much more difficult for the jury. The selection committee examined each of the numerous applications and based their decisions on the five evaluation criteria: degree of innovation, exemplary character, commitment, visibility, and quality of the application documents.

The winners of the Solar Prizes will be officially announced at the beginning of November. We would like to invite you to the ceremony at which the winners will be celebrated and presented with the coveted trophies. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the founding of EUROSOLAR, the award ceremonies of the European and German Solar Prize will take place in Bonn, Germany. On September 15th, the winners of the German Solar Prize will receive their awards at Münster-Carré (Gangolfstrasse 14, 53111 Bonn), while the European Solar Prize will be awarded on November 17th at Kunstmuseum Bonn (Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, 53113 Bonn). Both ceremonies start at 15:00 pm. A free registration for the event will soon be possible via this website.

Members of the jury for the European Solar Prize 2018:

Prof. Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR, Architecture and Urban Planning
Dr. Axel Berg, Chairman of EUROSOLAR Germany, Consulting and Energy Law
Gallus Cadonau, CEO of the Swiss Solar Agency, Solar architecture
Joaquim Corominas, President of the Association Energy Congress of Catalonia, Electrical Engineering
Hermann Fellner, member of the board of EUROSOLAR Germany, Bioenergy
Stephan Grüger, MdL, Vice President of EUROSOLAR, Energy Policy
Wolfgang Hein, Vice President of EUROSOLAR, Economic Cooperation and Development
Andre Langwost, EUROSOLAR France, Participation and financing
Jennifer McIntosh, Managing Director of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Communications and Public Relations
Prof. Livio Sacchi, Faculty of Architecture in Pescara, Architecture and Urban Planning
Prof. Jürgen Sachau, University of Luxembourg, Energy and Control Technology