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Parallel Sessions and Poster Exhibition 2017

IRES Grafik IRES ENGThe conference program combines the two themes "business and finance" and "research and policy". On the first day of the conference - Tuesday, 14 March - the celebratory opening gives insights on the two foci. A panel with storage experts and politicians discusses the necessity for storage technologies in Germany and the world. On Wednesday, 15 March, the IRES-sessions present the latest technological developments, research projects and key findings for the storage IRES Grafik ESE ENGof renewable energy. The ESE-sessions feature business cases and financial aspects for the energy storage industry. On the fhird and final day - Thursday, 16 March 2017 - more parallel sessions allow the audience to dive deeper into the conference topics. In the afternoon, a celebratory closing summarizes the core content of the sessions. This way, all participants are equally informed.

Poster Exhibition

The poster exhibition is a signature program component of the International Renewable Energy Storage conference (IRES). Researchers from all over the world present their work and findings on a poster and show how their ideas influence the storage world. The posters which will be presented can be seen here.

For the first time in 2017, the assessment will be in the hands of the attendees. Each conference guest will receive a voting sheet and can name his/her favorite poster. Based on the assessment, the organizers will choose the three best posters for the poster prize.