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IRES Call for Abstracts 2021

IRES Call 21

 You are hereby cordially invited to submit an abstract for the 2021 conference via our submission platform.  Please note the following deadlines:

Friday 6th November 2020 for oral presentation
Monday 1st February 2021 for poster presentation

Papers selected by our Scientific Committee for IRES 2021 will be invited to present orally, or in our poster exhibition. Responses to abstract submissions will be made one month after receipt.

Accepted full papers can be submitted until April 10, 2021 for the IRES 2021 conference proceedings, to be published in the International Renewable Energy Storage Conference Proceedings published by the renowned scientific open access publisher Atlantis Press, Paris.

The European Association for Renewable Energy EUROSOLAR holds its 14th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2021) on March 16-18, 2021 as an integral component of the International Renewable Energy Storage / Energy Storage Europe (IRES/ESE) Conference and Exhibition at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany. The IRES conference core is dedicated to scientific findings on storage systems in the world of smart and distributed energy resources - its central focus on storage technology encompasses also legal, policy, network and market aspects. This science and technology focused conference is harmoniously complemented by a conference components focused on the economy, business, finance and law of storage technologies in the global market.

IRES provides a coherent overview of energy storage technologies that can enable the global transition towards the decarbonisation of economies through distributed and ubiquitous renewable energy systems. The conference program encompasses all storage technologies in their context, and welcomes case studies, applications, country scenarios, trend analyses, and barriers to be overcome for the transition process to a sustainable energy world.

The conference is accompanied by Europe’s largest B2B exhibition on storage technologies. The colocation of the conference and the exhibition in one venue provides an ideal opportunity for scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, policymakers and students to meet. Access to all parts of the conference, the exhibition as well as to the networking events is included in the registration fee for oral and poster presenters.

You are hereby cordially invited to submit an abstract for the 2021 conference via our submission platform. Papers may be presented in our thematic conference sessions (“oral presentations”) or formatted for the poster exhibition (“poster presentation”).  Some papers may be selected as key notes or plenary presentations.

The deadline for submitting an abstract for an “oral (paper) presentation” is Monday, 05 October 2020.

Submission Format

All abstracts need to be submitted via the online platform www.conftool.pro/ires2021/. Abstracts should not exceed 400 words and contain the focus area, subheadings, new findings and the main thesis. The abstract may be supplemented with a maximum of two pages, including references, figures with captions and explanatory remarks. Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.

Abstract Selection

The scientific steering committee will meet in October to select the best abstracts and finalize the conference program. Each accepted abstract will be assigned to a speaker’s slot in the parallel session or a place in the poster exhibition. The Program Committee reserves the right to accept abstracts as oral or poster presentations. The committee is fully authorized to reject contributions. The decision by the committee is final.

Notification and Confirmation

If your abstract is accepted for presentation, you will be notified during October. The information is sent to the contact person stated in the online system. Those contact persons are asked to share the information with authors and co-authors. With the notification you will receive a Confirmation Form that needs to be returned to EUROSOLAR within one week. The form states the presenting person as well as the title of the presentation and the final contact details.

Conference Registration

All oral and poster presenters are required to register for the conference and pay the applicable registration fee no later than within 14 days of acceptance.


For presenters from universities, research institutes and non-profit organizations is 480.00 € (incl. VAT)

 For presenters from companies and private organizations 960.00 € (incl. VAT).

receive an invoice for their registration fee upon return of their Confirmation Form.

Presentations can be delivered by both authors and co-authors. If the submitter of the abstract is unable to attend the conference, s/he must provide a replacement. The registration fee is applicable for the replacing presenter, too. Each presenter may invite one additional co-author or member from his research team to attend the conference as part of the fee paid by the presenter (480.00 € or 960.00 € incl. VAT). Any additional co-authors will have to pay the regular conference fee. Presenters may not give more than one presentation.

The conference program will be made available 4th quarter 2020 on the website www.energystorageconference.org.


 Oral presentations:

Oral presentations (15 min + 5 min discussion) are taking place in thematic parallel conference sessions. Slots for oral presentations are assigned based on the quality of the abstract. Some papers may be selected as key notes or plenary presentations. Please note that there is no guarantee for a paper presentation as available slots are limited.

Poster presentations:

The poster exhibition is integrated in the trade fair hall and is accessible to and popular with all visitors of the conferences and exhibition. Posters can be presented and explained throughout the three days. Additionally, the poster exhibition is formally highlighted in two session of 90 minutes each, where no parallel conference sessions take place. A0 size poster walls and glue strips will be available.

Full papers and publications:

Full papers may be submitted until April 10, 2021. Full papers serve as an addition to the abstract and will be reviewed by the scientific steering committee separately.

Publications will be copyrighted, published under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) and freely accessible. Papers may not have been published before and may not be published afterwards. Selected papers will received an opportunity to be further developed for submission to the Journal of Energy Storage (Elsevier).

2021 Topics


The IRES 2021 conference will focus on storage in the dynamic and rapidly changing context of distributed energy systems (DER) and their advanced ability to link both energy and user/producer sectors: Energy storage and sector coupling: connecting the  mobility, transport, heat and power sectors.

Authors are invited to submit research and project abstracts addressing the following storage related topics for the IRES Conference:


  • Progress in relevant energy storage technologies including:
  • Electrical Storage
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Chemical Energy Storage
  • Mechanical Energy Storage
  • Enhancement of storage capacity, durability, reliability and safety
  • Recycling and environmental aspects of energy storage technologies


  • Electric grids and storage – supplements and competition
  • Storage as an approach to avoid grid extension
  • Distributed and decentralized electricity storage as virtual large-scale storage facility
  • CHP and heating/cooling networks, use of thermal energy storages in power grids
  • High temperature storage
  • Demand Response and Demand Side Management


  • Strategies for systems with a high share of Renewable Energy and 100% Renewable Energy systems
  • Connecting electric vehicles to the grid
  • Heat storage for buildings and industrial applications
  • Energy storage products, management strategies and field experience with storage systems to increase self-consumption of photovoltaic energy from owned facilities as well as off-grid and micro-grid systems
  • Strategies on increasing energy efficiency, especially in the industrial sector


  • Power-to-Gas
  • Power-to-Heat
  • Power-to-Mobility
  • Power-to-Chemicals
  • Analysis of benefits by interaction of energy networks for power, heat, cold, gas and transport
  • Technologies, business models, legal frameworks, country policies
  • Barriers for realization of energy sector coupling
  • Smart grid concepts and virtual power plants including renewable energy and energy storage
  • Smart Energy Systems including blockchain and hash technologies
  • Security and privacy in decentralized energy trading and exchange systems


  • Economic modeling
  • Financial systems for storage enablement
  • Regulatory and legal frameworks and cases
  • Policy innovations for storage proliferation


  • Projects and technologies already deployed
  • Concepts and realization of micro-grid interaction with national grids
  • State of regional markets and the evolution of technical and regulatory frameworks


  • Marketing, people involvement, financing, technical concepts, barriers, best practice, future plans, etc.
  • Local initiatives for renewable energy supply
  • Discussion about opportunities and barriers of existing initiatives in cities and local communities who take the energy supply into their own hands
  • Share experience from local energy supply communities from all over the word


  • Overviews and reviews on certain storage technologies or areas of application specific to a country or region
  • Possibilities and barriers of applying renewable energy and energy storage in a country or region
  • Discussion of current use and types of storage technologies, including evaluation of problems and opportunities arising from certain technologies
  • Evaluation of involved actors (government, (multinational) companies, non-profit organizations) and their role on the introduction and sustainable use of storage technologies


EUROSOLAR e.V. – The European Association for Renewable Energy

Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 11, 53113 D-Bonn

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Phone: +49 (0) 228-289 1446 | Fax: +49 (0) 228-361279

Submission info and entry site: www.energystorageconference.org

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Henning, Fraunhofer ISE, IRES Chairman
  • Dr. Dieter Boer, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Breyer, Lappeenranta University of Technology
  • Dr. Tom Brown, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Luisa Cabeza, Universitat de Lleida   
  • Prof. Peter Droege, Liechtensten Institute for Strategic Development EUROSOLAR e.V.
  • Dr. Jose Etcheverry, York University
  • Dr. Andreas Hauer, ZAE Bayern
  • Wim van Helden, AEE Intec
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Henning, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Dr. Verena Jülch, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Prof. Dr. Brian Vad Mathiesen, Aalborg University
  • Dr. Marco Merlo, Poltecnico de Milano
  • Dr. Bernhard Riegel, Hoppecke Batterien GmbH
  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer, RWTH Aachen
  • Dr. Peter Schossig, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Dr. Tom Smolinka, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Prof. Dr. Ingo Stadler, TH Koeln
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Sterner, TH Regensburg


Organizing Committee

Prof. Peter Droege, Liechtensten Institute for Stratgeic Development / EUROSOLAR e.V.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Henning, Fraunhofer ISE, Chair of Scientific Committee

Christoph Trimborn, Projecmanagement IRES, EUROSOLAR

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