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Our members make an important contribution to the success of our work and to maintaining our independence. In this way, we can work for a decentralised and socially equitable energy supply based on renewable energies in a non-profit and non-partisan manner.

Members of EUROSOLAR are individuals and legal entities (e.g. political institutions, companies, associations, federations). The members of EUROSOLAR include numerous parliamentarians (from the European Parliament to regional parliaments), scientists, architects, engineers, craftsmen, farmers, teachers as well as other citizens generally committed to the introduction of renewable energies, companies in the field of renewable energies, solar associations, scientific institutes, trade unions, state and provincial governments, city and district administrations. The membership structure of EUROSOLAR is divided into regular members and sponsoring memberships, which strengthen our work beyond the actual membership fee.

We would be very happy if you would support the work of EUROSOLAR with your membership!         

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