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Austrian Solar Prize Awarded

On 1 October the Austrian Solar Prize was awarded in Graz. In total, ten solar prices and three recognitions were awarded to projects and initatives engaged in the promotion of renewable energy in Austria.

Austrian Solar Prizes 2016

In the category "Cities, municipalities and municipal utilities"

In the category "Industrial, commercial or agricultural companies"

  • DAS Energy GmbH for their ultra-light and flexibal solar modules manufactured with silicon instead of glas

In the category "Local and regional associations as supporters for projects on renewable energy"

  • Alpenverein Innsbruck, for being energy-self-sufficient with PV, solar thermal power, plant oil and water power

In the category "Solar building"

In the category "Transportation with renewable energy"

  • The Austrian Post AG for the implementation of the modell region "e-mobility post" and the initiative "Green Vienna"

In the category "Education"

In the category "One world cooperation"

The special solar prize for personal engagement was awarded to

  • Ing. Peter Ott for the recycling of used laptop batteries and his active 20-year-long support for the use of renewable energy

Three recognitions were awarded to

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