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About EUROSOLAR Austria

EUROSOLAR AUSTRIA Association for the Solar Energy Age, is a non-profit European Solar Energy Association founded in 1989, independent of parties, political institutions, companies and stakeholders.


  • represents the goal of completely replacing nuclear and fossil energy with renewable energy
  • sees the central prerequisite for the preservation of the natural basis of life and for a lasting economy in a solar energy supply
  • works to change the traditional political priorities and frameworks for solar energy, the key to renewable energies - from the local to the international level
  • brings together experts from the worlds of politics, business, science and culture for the rapid transition to solar (renewable energy) energies
  • provides an opportunity for each individual to participate in the emergence of a sociocultural movement for solar energy through personal membership
  • sees its goal as a real vision - a century task of mankind.

Our association is a section of EUROSOLAR - INTERNATIONAL, based in Bonn. In addition to Austria there are also sections in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.