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EUROSOLAR Spain's activities 2018

During 2018 the Spanish EUROSOLAR section has done the following activities:

1) Participation in the Civil Society Working Group on Energy Policies for the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia) to prepare a Report on the Energy Policies for Catalonia (2018 to present):

On the 31st of July meeting with the MH President of Catalonia, Mr. Quim Torra, to discuss the Catalonia’s energy transition. During the meeting it was submitted to the President the Report “Objectius de Política Energètica del Govern de la Generalitat de Catalunya” (Energy Policy Objectives of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia), prepared by the Working Group on Energy Policies for the Generalitat de Catalunya. On the 5th of September meeting with a senior official of foreign affairs of the Catalan Government to explore feasibility to start a project about methodology on Energy Transition of European Regions. On the 14th of September meeting in the House of the Catalan Republic, in Brussels, with the MH President Carles Puigdemont to discuss the Catalonia’s Energy Transition and deliver to him the Report on Energy Policies. On the 9th of October meeting with two members of the Catalan Parliament in charge of energy. On the 13th of November meeting with The Catalan Minister of Culture to deliver her the Report on Energy Policies and to share the vision about how to create the Energy Culture needed to implement the Transition to 100% renewables.
On the 15th of November meeting with the Catalan Minister of Companies and Knowledge (in charge of energy policy) and the General Director of Energy to discuss the energy situation of Catalonia, the necessary energy transition and the document delivered to the MH President. On the 29th of November meeting with the Catalan Minister of Rural Affairs (agriculture and livestock) to give her the Report on Energy Policies and to explore the feasibility to implement a territorial agreement to implement the energy transition. In January 2019 meeting with the Catalan Minister of Territory and Sustainability, the Secretary of Territory, the Secretary of Environment and Sustainability and the General Director of Environmental Quality and Climate Change, to give them the Report on Energy Policies and explore the feasibility to create an Energy Agency to led the Energy Transition in Catalonia.

2) Participation at the 5th Catalan Energy Congress (13-14 February 2018, Institute of Catalan Studies, Barcelona) and at the 6th Catalan Energy Congress (12-13 February 2019, Institute of Catalan Studies, Barcelona).

3) Participation on the XXXII Catalan Conference for a Sustainable Energy Future Without Nuclear Power (April 27th 2018, Barcelona), focused on Zero carbon Britain: Making it Happen.

On the other hand, The Spanish Section of Eurosolar decided to suspend the awarding of the Solar Prizes (Spanish edition 2018) before the serious events that are taking place in the Kingdom of Spain, since fall of 2017, carried out by their governments, their supreme court and their constitutional court, repeatedly violating the International Covenant of Civil and Political and Rights and the Spanish Constitution itself. But not all is negative, because in March 2018 the first community wind project was connected to the grid and commissioned. More than 600 people made it possible demonstrating that the organized civil society can address wind projects in spite of the retrograde regulations in force in Spain. Eurosolar Spain is also member of the Spanish Platform for Self-generation, participating in the lobby work done in front of the Spanish Government to change the regressive regulation developed by the Socialist Party and the Popular Party governments that ruled Spain since 2012.


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