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Declaration Statement by Czech national section of the European Association for the promotion of solar energy Euroslolar

Consent to the membership of the national section of EUROSOLAR

We agree that we are members of a national section. Our status of an independent association established by national laws in accordance Preamble: "EUROSOLAR takes its ethical responsibilities regarding the protection and regeneration of the natural character of life on Earth without the environment threatened by the consequences of the operation of nuclear energy or fossil fuel. Its aim is the era of solar energy, which we understand as his epochal role to ensure a socially and environmentally compliant energy source for mankind."

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National Energy Action Plan of Czech Republic

The main objective of the energy sector is to satisfy the energy needs of the Czech Republic for the long-term horizon. The current National Energy Conception, whose key priorities are safety, independence and sustainable development, envisages that safe supply of energy for reasonable prices shall be guaranteed primarily by the use of all available domestic energy sources as well as the best available global technologies in the most environmentally friendly manner. Renewable sources represent an important part of these domestic sources and are likely to gradually develop while fully respecting the size, climatic conditions and parameters of energy grids in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic renewable energy 2020 targets:

  • Overall target: 13.5% of share of energy generated from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption;
  • Heating and Cooling: 14% of demand met by renewable energy sources;
  • Electricity: 14% of electricity demand met by electricity generated from renewable energy sources;
  • Transport: 11% of energy demand met by renewable energy sources.

For more information, visit IRENA or European Commission Energy or contact the section directly.

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