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Declaration Statement by Czech national section of the European Association for the promotion of solar energy Euroslolar

Consent to the membership of the national section of EUROSOLAR

We agree that we are members of a national section. Our status of an independent association established by national laws in accordance Preamble: "EUROSOLAR takes its ethical responsibilities regarding the protection and regeneration of the natural character of life on Earth without the environment threatened by the consequences of the operation of nuclear energy or fossil fuel. Its aim is the era of solar energy, which we understand as his epochal role to ensure a socially and environmentally compliant energy source for mankind."


  1. EUROSOLAR seeks to replace traditional forms of large and small solar energy ZERO EMISSION energy sources such as sun, wind and water as well as hydrogen, produced using solar energy. All forms of energy are important, since solar heat for solar derived electricity and fuel, according to the guidelines forming an integral part hereof. Supported will be only the energy, the use of which does not disturb the renewability of energy resources and the environment. The Association also promotes the rational use of energy as the main means to accelerate the journey to the solar era.
  2. The sssociation is particularly focused on supporting activities in the areas of information, education and public relations, as well as to support scientific research in the areas of political, technical and economic potential for the deployment of solar energy. These plans and objectives of the Association are to be achieved: [a] Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions; [b] Provision of special working groups; [c] Publication of documents and information; [d] Ensuring research contracts.
  3. The association understands that industrial companies have a major responsibility for the implementation of solar energy worldwide. This also sees a major contribution to a peace settlement between North and South.
  4. Sdružení promotes the objectives of the sun's age at international level, particularly within Europe. It provides nonmaterial support to national societies and professional groups active in the area of ​​promotion of solar energy, and helps mutual communication and cooperation between them.
  5. Společnost has no political ambitions and within Europe Transnational organized. Its concern is the welfare of others and does not work for economic profit.

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