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EUROSOLAR Czech republic's activities 2018

EUROSOLAR Czech Republic has currently 15 members, two of them are industrial societies. The main activities in 2018 were the following:

A total of 21 lectures, panel discussions and seminars were held for the public. Lectures with discussion took place mainly in schools and usually last two hours. In addition, EUROSOLAR Czech Republic published 15 articles, one radio report and two TV programmes and led four political negotiations to promote political support for renewable energy.

Over 100 short news items from the world of energy have been translated this year and regularly published on our website (www.eurosolar.cz). The Facebook timeline is also regularly filled with news content from the field of energy. The Czech section of EUROSOLAR contributes to various internet discussions in order to position itself clearly against nuclear power and for renewable energies (approx. in 40 cases).

The section criticised a ministerial proposal on climate and energy which set a target for renewable electricity of only one percent by 2030.

Conference in Prague - 100% renewable energy is possible

EUROSOLAR.CZ hosted the conference, which took place on 12.10.2018 with Happy Battery and Mafraevents Agency and attracted about 100 participants. Celebrities from politics, economy and energy took part, such as Senator Seitlová, Minister of Industry Nováková and managers of ČEZ, ČEPS, Innogy, etc. Important speakers were Hans Josef Fell, President of Energy Watch Group, Prof. Christian Breyer from Lappeenranta University and Dipl. Ing. Norbert Zosch, Energy Manager from Haßfurt.


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