Non-profit foundation “International Innovative Technologies”

Prof. Nodar Kekelidze – Chairman of the Board
George Kekelidze – Executive Director
Irakli Baidashvili – Member of the Board

Prof. Dr. Dieter Bimberg (Germany)
Acad. Zhores Alferov (Russia)
Prof.Dr. Klaus Thiessen (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Russ Dupuis (USA)
Prof.Dr.Sergey Maksimenko (Belarus)
Prof. Nodar Kekelidze (Georgia)

National Energy Action Plan of Georgia

I the last years Georgia developed system of small hydro power plants and now starts development of solar and wind parks. Untill the end of 2018 the new Energy Law will be passed through the Parliament. The new law is based on Energy policies of EU, since the country is has become an associated country to EU.


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