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Board of EUROSOLAR Germany

The Annual General Members`Meeting of EUROSOLAR Germany met in Bonn on 7 November 2015 and elected the new Management Board of the German section for the next two years.

Chairman of the Board

DV Berg 200x200Dr. Axel Berg
Studied law and politics, doctorate in the French nuclear conflict, since 1993 self-employed attorney-at-law. His political commitment led to a number of citizens' initiatives of the peace and anti-nuclear power movement to the SPD. 1998 to 2009 deputy of the electoral district Munich-Nord in the Bundestag (among other things SPD spokesman in Enquete commission and deputy energy political spokesman of the SPD faction).  


DV Hemmers 200x200Rosa Hemmers
Since 30 years in the field of renewable energies, she has been working in a city center for energy efficiency and innovation and is the owner of a consulting office with a focus on municipal energy strategies. Representative of EUROSOLAR at the Grüner Strom label and its chairman since 2004. 



DV Fellner 200x200Hermann Fellner
Member of the Parliament of the CSU from 1980 to 1990, lawyer, consultant in legal questions of regenerative energies; Its main focus is biomass use and electrochemical energy storage as well as electromobility.




Committee Members

DV Brems 200x200Wibke Brems, MdL
Member of the German State Parliament of Northrhein-Westfalia, As an electrical engineer, she worked in Paderborn in a photovoltaic company. Member of the Gütersloher city council as well as in the regional board of the GRÜNEN NRW. Since 2010 MdL in North Rhine-Westphalia. There she is the spokesperson for energy policy and climate protection, as well as chairwoman of the Committee on Climate Protection, Environment, Nature Conservation, Agriculture.   


DV Conrad 200x200 IIDr. Margit Conrad
Certified doctor. For the SPD member of the German Bundestag (1987-1990), then until 1991 member of the Saarland parliament and until 2001 mayor of Saarbrücken. From 2001 Minister for Environment and Forestry in Rhineland-Palatinate. Member of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Parliament until 2014 and State Minister and Plenipotentiary of the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate at the Federation and the European Union in 2011-2014.   


DV Grueger 200x200Stephan Grüger, MdL
Member of the German State Parliament of Hessia. Study of biology, philosophy and political science. Key account managers and energy experts at energy supply companies. Since 2006 member of the district council of the Lahn-Dill-Kreis as well as member of the SPD. Since 2011 member of the state parliament of Hesse and industrial spokesman of the SPD state parliamentary party in Hesse.   


DV Gnther 200x200Thomas Günther
Dipl.-Ing Supply Engineering. Since 1993 Managing Partner of Bega Wasserkraftanlagen GmbH in Bochum. Previously freelance energy consultants, including the Consumer Center NRW.



DV Longo 200x200Dr. Fabio Longo
Specialized in energy, municipal and public building law in Karpenstein Longo Nübel in Wettenberg. In his book "New local energy supply as a municipal task" (2010), he establishes the constitutional right of cities and municipalities to shape their local energy supply on the basis of renewable energies. From 1997-2005 town councilor in the north of Vellmar.   


DV Methling 200x200Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Methling
Studied veterinary medicine, doctorate and habilitation at the University of Leipzig; From 1992 University professor for animal health teaching at Rostock University; 1998-2006 Environment Minister and Deputy Prime Minister for the PDS in the SPD / PDS Regional Government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, from 2006 to 2011 MdL, spokesman of the Federal Association for the Environment / Energy / Traffic of the Left and since 2007 Member of the party committee of the party DIE LINKE.   


DV Samuel 200x200Gert Samuel, chief editor of the journal SOLARZEITALTER
Study of history and social sciences; 2. State exams as teachers at the Gymnasium; Then members of the Peace, Disarmament and Cooperation Committee; Then IT lecturer for layout programs and training managers; 1996 to 2008 Deputy Head of IT in a publishing house.  



DV Schmidt 200x200Brigitte Schmidt
Studies, doctorate, research and teaching at the universities of Kiev, Wismar and Maputo. Foundation of the Solar Initiative and the Solar Center of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as well as the Center for Energy Balkans. Promotion of courses for renewable energies in Eastern Europe. Activities as a university lecturer, managing director in companies and clubs as well as project developer.  


DV Wolf 200x200Harald Wolf
Graduated political scientist. Since 1988 he has worked as a freelance journalist. From 2002 to 2011 mayor of Berlin and senator for economy, technology and women for the party DIE LINKE. Since 2011, traffic and energy policy spokesman in the Berlin parliament. Since 2014, member of the party committee of his party.