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National Energy Action Plan of Hungary

The success of a country with geopolitical and natural conditions, like Hungary, will largely depend on its ability to replace an economic model based on traditional energy sources with an alternative economic model. In a model laying down the foundations of a sustainable future, energy saving and energy efficiency, an increased use of renewable energy sources, and the priority of own resources will be of key importance.

It follows from the above, that Hungary does not solely and primarily consider the use of renewable energy sources an obligation, but rather an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the economic development. In this regard, the use of renewable energy sources is both a necessity and an opportunity for Hungary.

Hungary 2020 renewable energy targets:

  • Overall target: 14.65% of share of energy generated from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption;
  • Heating and cooling: 18.9% of heat consumption met by renewable sources;
  • Electricity: 10,9%  of electricity demand met by electricity generated from renewable energy sources;
  • Transport: 10% of energy demand met by renewable energy sources.

For more information, visit IRENA or European Commission Energy or contact the section directly.

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