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National Energy Action Plan of Italy

The development of renewable energy sources has been one of the priorities of Italy’s energy policy for some time, together with the promotion of energy efficiency. The objectives of such a policy are: energy supply security, reduction in energy costs for businesses and individual citizens, promotion of innovative technology, environmental protection (reduction in polluting and greenhouse gas emissions), and therefore, ultimately, sustainable development.

Italy 2020 renewable energy targets:

  • Overall target: 17% of share of energy generated from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption;
  • Heating and cooling: 17% of heat consumption met by renewable sources;
  • Electricity: 26% of electricity demand met by electricity generated from renewable energy sources;
  • Transport: 10% of energy demand met by renewable energy sources.

For more information, visit IRENA or European Commission Energy or contact the section directly.

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Conference "Ardito Desio, geologist, scientist and explorer"

Extreme events of the last year have shown that climate change will continue in its acceleration, causing unsustainable consequences for the structure of 'ecosystem of our planet. The measures taken and proposed by the "international community" have not been sufficient to achieve the objectives set out in the “Paris agreement”. It is necessary to build new actions through a "choral effort" of research studies, scientific and technological skills including all interdisciplinary professional sectors.

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Conference on Geothermal Energy

New Geothermal Energy for Architecture and the Challenge of Climate Change

The conference “New Geothermal Energy for Architecture and the Challenge of Climate Change” took place on Friday, 24th June in Rome, at the “House of Architecture” (Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47 - Rome). Geothermal energy is a "resource of the heat of the earth", which is ecological, available and widespread in Italy. New technologies allow us to use low and medium enthalpy geothermal energy with small-scale systems that can be integrated in buildings. These new geothermal plants can offer a decisive contribution to the energy revolution linked to urban regeneration, as well as to the response to the recent commitments of Paris COP21 for the mitigation of climate change.

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