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Democratization of Energy in Catalonia

On Sunday, 19 June 2016, the first stone of the first renewable power plant from and for citizens will be laid down in Barcelona. So far 266 people are participating in the project that involves the installation of a wind turbine of shared ownership among citizens who voluntarily provide the money needed to realize the project.

Initiated by the Spanish branch of EUROSOLAR the project "Living from the air of the sky" is promoted and carried out by Eolpop SL, a small private company. Eolpop is responsible for commissioning the project, issuing participatory accounts that enable shared ownership of the turbine, and reaching agreements with the owners of the land and the town council.

Further information can be found on the project website www.viuredelaire.cat/.

Spain is one the world's biggest producer of wind power. Around 21% of the electrity consumption of the population is covered by the annual wind production of more than 50 GWh (numbers from 2014). In 2015, no new capacity was added.

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