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The first community-owned wind turbine in Catalonia

The Spanish section of EUROSOLAR launched a pioneering initiative in our country: Living from the air of the sky. It involves the installation of a wind turbine of shared ownership among citizens who voluntarily provide the money needed to realize the project. At the end of November, the work on the first community-owned wind turbine project has begun.

The power plant will be able to generate 2.5MW of power, creating enough energy for up to 2000 families. The project came to life by the dedication of more than 381 participants, contributing 1,719,940 Euro altogether.

To develop the project it was set Eolpop SL, a small private company which is responsible for promoting and carrying out the project and responsible for issuing participatory accounts that enable shared ownership of the turbine. Eolpop has found a suitable location (good wind, easy access and proximity to the grid medium voltage), has commissioned the project, has reached an agreement with the owners of the land and with the town council and is managing the necessary permits and has chosen the model of wind-turbine.          

Any individual, family or non-profit NGO can participate in the project, providing financial amount corresponding to the number of shares available to be decided. The project is also open to participation by small businesses who wish to contribute to the democratization of energy systems. The minimum investment to participate in the project will be required to generate 1,000 kWh/year of clean and green electricity.

You find further information in this video from CatalanNews.


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