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"Living from the air" is in commission now - great success for community wind in Catalonia

The EUROSOLAR Spain's community wind project "Viure del aire", Living from the Air, was commissioned last month and is operational. The head of EUROSOLAR Spain, Dr. Josep Puig, said: "I'm pleased to inform that the Southern Europe's first community wind project is fully operational now. There are more than 500 people, associations and small companies participàting involved it."

The project took nine years from the idea to the making it operational, without any subsidy nor any premium price.It is a real demo that people can act despite the bad political energy regulations in Spain.

A time lapse video is shown here.

A short video recorded last May 6th. It is shown here.

You can see it (all the info and the real time image from a webcam installed in place) at the home web page of the project: www.viuredelaire.cat

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