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Whitepaper: "Regenerative Europe"

Whitepaper Regenerative Europe 2018 web

EU 4.0 - For a Europe of 100 % Distributed Renewable Energies

From The idea Of The Energy Union... Climate action at the European level is unfocused, ineffective and inadequate. In response, EUROSOLAR has designed transformation measures for the energy system at a much higher implementation scope and level of prioritisation. The actual situation shows that the EU policy as it is currently being implemented would perhaps have had a chance of success a generation ago if it had resulted in a 100 percent renewable reality today. Today the targets must therefore be very different. The targets on which the Commission, the Council and Parliament were able to agree remain far too timid and non-binding to finally put an end to the dominance of fossil nuclear interests. For this reason, EUROSOLAR advocates a New Energy Market Framework, which would make a secure and cost-effective energy supply possible and could accelerate a decentralised energy turnaround.

Full Whitepaper Regenerative Europe 2018 (PDF)

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