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30 Years of IPCC, 24 years of UNFCCC - a lost generation in the fight to stop fossil fuels and ring in the renewable age


The concluded Conference of the Parties (COP) in Katowice, and its background papers and declarations. confirmed that IPCC consensus driven science has been far too conservative in its projections, and that the UNFCCC COP process - while necessary in the absence of alternatives - has increasingly served to falsely assuage fears and placate the coal, oil, gas and nuclear lobbies.

The aim cannot be to limit temperature increase to 'below 2 C degrees' - the target must be 0 degree warming. The catastropic Arctic meltdown and heatwaves were triggered already at 0.8 C degree warming over preindustrial levels. This means the aim must be below-zero emission reductions by reaching full renewable energy supply as soon as possible while regenerating biospheric capacities to absorb the mounting bubble of excess atmospheric greenhouse gases above 280 ppm CO2.

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End the Gaza Power Siege to avoid another catastrophy: energy is a basic need and human right

solar car gazaA solar car developed by two Gazan mechanical engineering students, Jamal Mikaty and Khaled Bardawil in response to the electricity crises.

The European Union and Germany must lead in calling for an end to the new and cruel restriction on electricity  in Gaza. On the face of it it results from a power struggle between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas - in reality this is the logical outcome of the long occupation and decade-long blockade, supported by the US and, in part, the EU.

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Prof. Peter Droege delivers paper on the Renewable City as the 'future of low carbon living' at National Forum in Perth, Western Australia

Prof. Peter Droege delivers paper on the Renewable City as the 'future of low carbon living' at National Forum in Perth, Western Australia. The paper is available for download below the video.

Video: 'Renewable City: The Future of Low Carbon Living' Prof Peter Droege on Vimeo

Paper: "The Renewable City The Future of Low Carbon Living" as .PDF

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Prof. Peter Droege on the "Talking Cities" podcast

Talking Cities is a popular podcast hosted by Matt Enstice, which investigates cutting-edge innovations for cities in America and beyond and accesses the leaders creating, shaping and improving the cities we call home. In this episode, EUROSOLAR president Peter Droege talks about renewable energy, low carbon versus carbon neutrality and the dirty truth about fossil fuels. Enjoy the episode by clicking the link below!

> Talking Cities podcast with Peter Droege

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