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Renewables are Future – EUROSOLAR’s call to declare Climate & Energy Emergency

Declaration Gloable Climate Strike

EUROSOLAR’s 2020 message to Europe: Declare Climate & Energy Emergency – Renewable Escalation Now

EUROSOLAR leads the good fight in climate stabilisation efforts, united with many others. We are prepared to accelerate and escalate renewable energy uptake to 100% and beyond ever more rapidly – with a growing community of allies of all ranks and ages – from green bankers to elementary school students. On this World Climate Emergency Strike Day we call for a supportive Renewable Energy for Climate Stabilisation Emergency Declaration.

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Saving the World with Renewables: European Solar Prize awarded in 8 categories

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Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg). EUROSOLAR presents eight pioneering projects for the European energy revolution: Today the European Association for Renewable Energies and its Luxembourgian section honoured eight nominees from six different countries with the European Solar Prize 2019 at the Campus Belval in Luxembourg’s picturesque Esch-sur-Alzette. The prize was awarded in the categories municipalities, solar architecture, commercial companies, local or regional associations, education and vocational training and one world cooperation as well as for special achievement. Promising examples of actors, who demonstrate that the European energy transition is already successfully being put into practice ‘from below‘, are this year’s award winners.

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Solar architecture à la française – Winners of the Solar Decathlon 2019

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The internationally renowned university competition in innovative homebuilding “Solar Decathlon Europe” has elected this year’s champions during the last two weeks of July in Szentendre, Hungary. The competition aims at demonstrating how to meet energy needs from free resources like solar energy and how to integrate these technologies with affordable and reliable architectural solutions.

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European Solar Prize – Application deadline extended until 15 August 2019

Bonn/Luxembourg, 22 July 2019. In order to save our common livelihood, we have to take action now. A real energy turnaround towards 100 percent renewable energy needs to be implemented now by actors on various levels of society and politics. Luckily, there are shining examples of creativity and engagement for renewables to be found all over Europe. Some of them will be awarded with the European Solar Prize 2019 in Luxembourg on 15 November.

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