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Since 1989, the German quarterly published magazine "Solarzeitalter - Politik, Kultur und Ökonomie Erneuerbarer Energien" (ISSN 0937-3802) has been the official organ of EUROSOLAR and of the WCRE.
It discusses renewable energy policies and economic programmes, provides a critical review of conventional energy concepts and information about political developments in support of renewable energy. It is considered the most important political magazine for renewable energy.

The Solarzeitalter print edition is free for EUROSOLAR and WCRE members.

Articles in Solarzeitalter are mostly published in Germany. Click here to find the contents (Inhaltsverzeichnisse) and online reading of selected German articles!

Since 2015 more English articles are published in the magazine. A compilation of the English readings from each Solarzeitalter will be available for download on this page.

Publications in Solarzeitalter:
If you are interested in publishing an article in Solarzeitalter, please do not hesitate to contact our editorial department for discussing the placement of your article. For the publication of articles, certain Guidelines and Formalities need to be respected. If your organization or company wants to place an advertisement in Solarzeitalter, please make sure to use the email-address below to discuss the publication date and price of the display.

Solarzeitalter as a digital product:
Each year's issues will be released as one CD-ROM at the end of the year.

Publisher & Editorial Department:
EUROSOLAR e.V. European Association for Renewable Energies
Irm Scheer-Pontenagel (Publisher)
Gert Samuel (editorial department)