European Solar Prize

EUROSOLAR established the European Solar Prize in 1994 to celebrate renewable energy pioneers across Europe – and world-wide. Since then, the European Solar Prize has been awarded to more than 250 local and international actors from all parts of society. The award recognises towns and municipalities, communities, associations or organizations, architects, journalists and dedicated individuals. The European Solar Prize connects people who are paving the way to a renewable future with their innovation, commitment and work to implement the rapid energy transition to 100% renewable energy.

The European Solar Prize is awarded in a different European capital city each year. EUROSOLAR is proud to present and award one of the most prestigious prizes in the field of renewable energy today: this year’s Award Ceremony will be held in and broadcast on 2 December 2021 from Amsterdam, the capital of EUROSOLAR’s youngest section: The Netherlands.

Thanks to Stiftungsfonds C&U Baumeister für nachhaltige Technologie 

Applications can no longer be sumitted. You will find more information on this year’s European Solar Prize here soon.

The call for entries is aimed at decentralized players in the energy transition who are leading the way to a renewable future through innovation and commitment. EUROSOLAR awards solar prizes in various categories that reflect the diverse areas of the energy transition.

Applications are open for individuals as well as groups, communities and other corporate entities. You can submit your application in one of the following categories:

a) Towns/municipalities, council districts, public utilities

b) Solar architecture and sustainable design

The Solar Prize is awarded to architects, planning offices, housing associations, cities or other institutions that develop innovative concepts for the use of renewable energies in individual buildings or districts. The focus is on design and structural implementation.

c) Industrial and commercial companies or farmers

The Solar Prize is awarded to industrial companies, cooperatives and farms that promote the market integration of renewable energies through their business model or cover their own energy needs through innovative regenerative concepts.

d) Local or regional associations and organizations

The Solar Prize is awarded to associations and communities with a local or regional focus that promote grassroots use and distribution of renewable energy in the region.

e) Owners or operators of renewable energy installations

The Solar Prize is awarded to operators or owners of decentralized renewable energy systems that supply private buildings, industrial enterprises, or educational institutions, or feed electricity into the grid. This includes solar parks and small wind farms.

f) Transport and mobility

The Solar Prize is awarded for vehicles and transport solutions with climate-friendly technology, as well as sustainable and integrated mobility concepts for public and private transport.

g) Media

The Solar Prize is awarded to journalists, publicists, agencies or filmmakers who discuss and promote renewable energies in their work on TV, radio, online or in print.

h) Education and vocational training

The Solar Prize is awarded to institutions, initiatives or individuals who provide education and training in the field of renewable energies and inform about it.

i) One world cooperation

The Solar Prize is awarded to projects, initiatives or organizations that use renewable energies to promote socially and ecologically sustainable development.

j) Special achievement

European Solar Prize 2019

Members of the jury

Claus Baumeister, Tetra Systems, EUROSOLAR Trustee

Dr. Axel Berg, Chair, EUROSOLAR Germany

Gallus Cadonau, Director, Solar Agency, Switzerland

Professor Eliana Cangelli, University of Rome, Chair, EUROSOLAR Italy

Professor Peter Droege, EUROSOLAR President, Jury Chair

Nikos Fintikakis, International Union of Architects VP RII, Greece

Johannes Hegger, Hegger Hegger Schleiff Architects, Germany

Wolfgang Hein, Chair, EUROSOLAR, Austria

Dr. Panos Mantziaras, Director, Fondation Braillard, Switzerland

Jennifer McIntosh, Executive Secretary, ISES, Germany

Dr. Josep Puig, Chair, EUROSOLAR Catalonia and Spain

Fabian Stichtenoth, RE Student, Fridays for Future Germany