As a brand new publication, the EUROSOLAR TIMES will bring together content from different areas of our work, provide a platform for EUROSOLAR thinkers and members.

The goal of EUROSOLAR remains one thing: the rapid transition to 100% renewable energy. In order to do justice to our common aim and to EUROSOLAR’s diversity, something new is now beginning.

Let’s bring it on together!

The current issue:

The new issue of EUROSOLAR TIMES is finally here and has a lot of different topics included.

In this issue we look at green hydrogen in Europe and the geopolitical implications of hydrogen. Moreover in an interview with Krisztina André and Stefan Gsänger, we hear about women advocating for an energy transition. Furthermore we read about their role within renewable energy industries.

This issue takes a look back at the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, but also looks ahead towards the national election in Germany which will be a climate election. The energy transition towards a sustainable society is progressing.

Selected articles

  • Head to head with development aid to develop biogas markets in Africa
    A set of a small biogas digester, biogas backpacks and biogas stoves replaces firewood and charcoal for cooking. Not only the technology, but rather the approach of (B)energy proves that a smart business model implemented by local entrepreneurs is much more effective than aid projects funded by western donors. But foreign aid makes business difficult…
  • EUROSOLAR’s Call for a Climate Defence Agenda
    A fundamental obstacle to intelligent development, purposeful evolution and future-oriented action lies in the past itself. By this I do not mean the ballast of history, or the lethargy of nostalgia, but the shackles of the traditional institutions that construct societal reality through language, culture, focus and framing. In this sense the greatest adventure, the…
  • Women in Renewable Energy
    BY JULIA BROICH Decentralized renewable energy harbours huge democratic potential: giving people back the power over their own energy supply. But who are the people? The energy transition has a diversity problem. Traditionally, the energy sector has been dominated by men, and it becomes increasingly clear that the sector has not yet shed the many…
  • The Geopolitics of Hydrogen: Old Dependencies in a New Energy Market?
    Niklas Hausemann, Katharina Weber and Johannes Block For decades, hydrogen has been repeatedly traded as the supposed “key element” of sector coupling. Although some of the technologies for climate-neutral generation are still far from being ready for the market, green hydrogen has become an international hype topic. How are potential importing and exporting countries positioning…
  • “Nuclear power – two sides – one technology” – Interview with Mycle Schneider
    11 March 2021 marked the tenth anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima with the meltdown of three nuclear reactors. History has shown that nuclear energy, in its military application but also in its energy supply, has brought endless suffering to people and a high radioactive burden to the environment. The ban on nuclear weapons…

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