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Aktuelles aus der Sektion

  • Catalan Parliament adopts important measures on renewable energy
    By Dr Josep Puig i Boix Last December 3rd, I had the opportunity to defend some important amendments to a motion presented at the Parliament of Catalonia. These are the amendments: The Parliament of Catalonia urges the Government of the Generalitat to: 1. Develop clean solar, wind, geothermal, pumped storage or other renewables to increase…
  • Speech of Josep Puig at the Catalan Parliament
    On 19 September 2016 Josep Puig, Vice-President of EUROSOLAR and President of EUROSOLAR Spain, held a vivid speech at the Comission of Environment and Sustainability of the catalan Parliament in order to contribute to law negotiations regarding climate change.The speech is now available in written form and can be read below. Honorable Parliamentarians, I want…