Resolution „The time for the rapid and full renewable energy transition is now“

Delegiertenversammlung von EUROSOLAR e.V. in der Bonner Geschäftsstelle am 6. Mai 2017 Am ersten Samstag im Mai traf sich die Delegiertenversammlung von EUROSOLAR e.V. und verabschiedete ihre neue Resolution über die Zukunft der Energieversorgung. Mehr als 30 Delegierte aus zehn Ländern kamen zusammen, um die Hemmnisse und Chancen einer schnellen und vollständigen Energiewende zu besprechen. Resolution: "The time for the rapid and full renewable energy transition is now" (pdf)

Resolution: 2017 EUROSOLAR Delegates Assembly
The time for the rapid and full renewable energy transition is now

The breakthrough of renewable energy across the globe is accelerating, yielding employment, prosperity and justice, industrial innovation and political stability. The 2017 EUROSOLAR European Delegates Assembly calls for rapid renewable energy transitions across Europe and the globe. The reasons for moving to renewable energy are massive and compelling – of overwhelming urgency as four major threats are to be countered:
• The continuing reliance on the nuclear dead-end street and in some areas expanding fossil fuel production and combustion are subsidised by close to one trillion US$ annually – causing a massive drain and casting a long shadow on our future. It is high time to end the fossil threat and face the sun.

• Nearly two trillion US$ are expended on military budgets each year. A large portion of this is wasted to maintain and even expand a massive global military infrastructure built largely to defend fossil fuel sources and markets. The demobilisation of fossil defense systems is an urgent agenda item: it must redirected to mobilise resilient solar security actions everywhere: systemic resilience is a major call of our times.
• The indicators of fossil fuel triggered climate change – atmospheric CO₂ concentrations, temperature increase, Arctic sea ice melting, deglaciation, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and species extinction rate – are not only progressing linearly but exponentially, unpredicted by many older assumptions such as IPCC models.  Most governments are blind to this fact. Rapid action is needed immediately across Europe and the world, and with it, an understanding what actions are needed to achieve rapid change.

• Powerful and reactionary industrial and political forces attempt to reverse the vector of time and suppress the call for a renewable world, intelligence about the state of our world and access to free means of expression, exchange and political action.

The EUROSOLAR Delegates Assembly of 2017 therefore resolves this renewed and urgent, seven point call for enlightened renewable energy market order instead of the maintenance of old and dangerous systems.

1 Towards the Solar Age now: we call for the rapidly accelerating move to full renewable energy systems, based on local and regional empowerment – 100% renewable energy.

2 Towards a New Energy Market Order (NEMO) now: we call for new flexible energy markets for the full renewable energy transition and the accelerating convergence of flexible and interactively local and regional new energy systems. We call for a new market framework for power, thermal, mobility and transport, networks and storage systems.

3 Exit from nuclear and fossil energy now: we call for the rapid exit from fossil sources – coal, petroleum and gas are accelerated structural reform programs for coal mining regions and other areas economically depending on conventional energy production.

4 Renewable energy storage systems and networks now: we call for regulatory and financial frameworks in accelerating the development and uptake of storage systems and renewable energy capable local and regional trade enabling networks.

5 End fossil und nuclear subsidies now:  we call for the rapid phasing out of all nuclear and fossil energy subsidies and the full accounting for external environmental costs, and a move to unfettered, free and renewable energy based markets.

6 End the growing suppression of science and information: we call for the strengthened information and education, objective science, freedom of information and rational discourse about the need for and advantages of a full renewable energy supply.

7 End global militarisation for fossil profit protection now: we call for embracing a ‚climate for peace‘, the end to fossil and other resource based conflicts, and the reassignment of military budgets to build a decentralised and resilient renewable global economy based on local empowerment, energy autonomy, integration of climate and conflict migrants, refugees and other displaced people, social energy prosperity, access and justice and the targeted relief of climate change costs.